Barcelona: Laporta explains Messi’s departure from Barcelona: I could not mortgage the club according to the Financial Fair Play



JOan Laporta spoke out. IN Barcelona President held a press conference on Friday to explain the reasons Access to Camp Nou Lionel Messi

Despite the fact that the contract was almost signed for several weeks, on Thursday, August 5, the club confirmed that the extension of the player’s term was no longer possible and that the Argentinean’s time at the club had come to an end.

Club numbers are alarmingsaid Laporta. “We inherited a disastrous situation, and the salary is 110 percent of the total income.

“The management of the club was terrible. We do not have the ability to maneuver with wages. We must comply with financial fair play. We know the rules and we have no margin.

“The numbers are worse than what we were told and what we predicted based on the official data.”

Laporta kept pointing his finger at La Ligawhich he said will be more flexible and also criticized the recently announced deal with CVC.

We expected LaLiga to be more flexible– explained Laporta. “But they put pressure on us because other clubs wanted to comply with the rules that we knew and respected.

“We Can’t Pledge Half A Century Of Television Rights To Compliance Financial fair play… I do not want to do this. We have a club with 122 years of history and it surpasses any player, even the greatest player in the world.

“We were happy to have him here, but we are not interested in this deal. Barcelona is above all else and the club must be protected. We did everything we could and we moved on. ” we are convinced that we can still succeed. “

Despite the fact that Messi could not be kept in the club, the president recognized and appreciated how much the Argentine wanted to stay at the Camp Nou.

“He did his best to stay,” Laporta said. “The fact that he wanted to stay played a big role. It was important. I am personally sad, but I know that we did the best for Barcelona.

“He left a wonderful legacy behind him. He went down in history. I hope that we can overcome this and start a new era. There are before and after. He left behind a lot of joy, success and historical images.

“We have eternal gratitude. But I will not give false hopes that things can change. With him, our salary was 110 percent of income, without him – 95 percent. ”

Barcelona signed four players this summer – Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia, Memphis Depay and Emerson Royal – but the President cannot guarantee that these players will be able to register to play in 2021/22.

“I hope there are no problems,” Laporta said. “According to our calculations, they will be able to register because Messi’s salary is not the same as theirs.”

Laporta visited the team on Friday morning to explain the situation to the players himself and he feels as if Ronald Koeman and in the dressing room they understand.

“The players are waiting, but they have tremendous talent and dream of playing for Barcelona,” Laporta said. “The challenge is to win the competition we play.”


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