Bannosian with a guaranteed rate raised $ 1 billion in loans



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Boston-based guaranteed interest rate loan source Shant Banosyan has provided $ 1 billion in loans nationwide this year, the company said, citing internal data through June 15.

Banosyan provided about $ 1.7 billion in loans last year, reaching the $ 1 billion mark at the end of the summer. Of these, $ 626 million were purchase mortgages, and $ 901.7 million were real estate refinancing loans in Massachusetts. according to The Warren Group, publisher of Banker & Tradesman

According to the latest figures available from The Warren Group, Banosian has disbursed approximately $ 865 million in Massachusetts loans through the end of May 2021: 1,643 purchase loans worth $ 260.8 million and 1,173 refinancing loans worth $ 604.14 million.

“What Shant is doing is incredible. Funding this massive amount in less than six months shows his amazing dedication and true commitment to everyone around him, ”Guaranteed Rate President and CEO Victor Chiardelli said in a statement. “Given how big he dreams of and how well he and his team are using our innovation system, it’s no surprise that he crossed the billion dollar mark two months faster than last year.”

The next largest lenders in Massachusetts, Andrew Marquis and Draper of Guaranteed Rate, and Indy Johar of Kramer Mortgage Corp., provided 673 loans worth $ 350.86 million and 775 loans totaling $ 307.74 million, respectively, through May 31, by data from The Warren. Group. All three were named 2020 Top Lender Lists statewide and in selected regions of the state by Banker & Tradesman.


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