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The City of Baltimore Real Estate Department will work with the City Hall to spearhead a collaborative effort to ensure greater transparency, data availability and a governance system that maximizes the value of Baltimore’s real estate assets and real estate transactions.

Acting Real Estate Director Andy Frank announced that his department will spearhead a collaborative cross-sectoral effort to analyze current real estate assets, management systems and processes and transactions, and real estate experience across all city agencies. This effort, similar to an inter-agency performance audit, will continue to critically examine the operations and workflows already started in the Department of Real Estate.

“Transparency, accountability and honesty are critical ingredients for progress in my administration,” said Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott. “This comprehensive urban property appraisal highlights my approach to building public confidence in local governments, and I look forward to taking the lead with the Controller and the new Real Estate Department.”

According to Press release:

Common goals:

  • Identifying immediate and short-term improvements in real estate practice
  • Establish general guidelines for agencies in charge of city asset management.
  • Understand how the Real Estate Department and city agencies can work together to better support the city’s vision for community development.
  • Identify long-term changes, policy recommendations and investments that will improve practice and maximize the benefits of the city.
  • Develop a three-year roadmap to comprehensive reform

This review of the process will be closely coordinated with the mayor’s office and agency stakeholders. The DoRE process review will support other intra-agency efforts already underway, including:

  • The Department of General Services (DGS) is working to assess the health of 130 buildings in its portfolio and uses this information to inform the capital budgeting process for improvements.
  • The City Hall coordinates biweekly meetings to track information on the location of key properties, including redundant schools.
  • The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and DoRE are working together to acquire software to automate a variety of real estate workflows and processes.

The necessary work to revitalize Baltimore City’s real estate programs is underway – this process overview will tie it all together.

Visit the Baltimore City Comptroller website for more information.


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