Bakayoko loan will “pass” as Chelsea and Milan agree to the terms



Milan gets “Closer to the finish line” with Chiemue Bakayoko, according to Alfredo Pedulla’s overnight report after a series of productive meetings yesterday with the various representatives involved in the deal. Sky Italia (via Semper Milan) go even further, stating that it “will pass.”

While this loan looked increasingly likely, the two teams were reportedly still far apart. purchase-option amount what will be included. Milan wanted € 10 million, Chelsea wanted € 20 million, and according to Alfredo Pedulla, we agreed somewhere in the middle, perhaps a little closer to the requirements of the former. Oracle of Hot Days claims the option will be “Less than 15 million euros” And the commission on the loan will be about 1-1.5 million euros. Not great, but at least something. After all, we don’t have much leverage over this case.

They say the 27-year-old midfielder is just “In one step” now after completing his return to the team where he was already on loan once two years ago. Hopefully this time he really convinces them to make their choice at the end of the season.


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