Ask a Realtor: Owner Randy White Real Estate Services Offers Market Insight


Through their day-to-day local interactions, realtors such as Randy White of Randy White Real Estate Services often have a good understanding of the latest market trends and developments.

Are you feeling insecure from some potential salespeople?

They, as salespeople, are concerned about this: “Where will I go?” that is the question. So, I’ll say this, we do a lot of things here. To date, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have found a home for every buyer. But I still understand why this can be a major concern for sellers. … Even if they rent, the rent is sky-high and hard to find.

What are the latest trends in home energy that you see?

One of our individual builders, who is building in Oak Alley. [in Colleyville] … he includes a generator in every home as part of his package. I guess at least others are looking into this. … I think we are in the midst of some changes, and I think that houses are just slowly transforming into more energy efficient homes. Before, people didn’t pay for it. … I think so, because the green movement is real.

Has the trend of working from home influenced floor plans?

You know, first we saw from the floor plans that people were working from home, and we had a leap in that “we want big houses again.” … I don’t think people will be working from home, to any measurable degree, when this fails. Now how long does it take to shake yourself up? I dont know.

Are you tracking any trends that might surprise people?

I think Lennar Homes wrote about … five years ago for developing a floor plan for several generations. Do you think this will not happen to you? It almost happened to me … we were in the blink of an eye from four generations in our house. … I’m not sure Lennar wasn’t one step ahead and that we’re going to see more of this. You can see them [multigenerational] the floor plans are online and they are really funny.

Randy White – Owner / Realtor | Randy White Real Estate Services | 175 E. Continental Blvd., Southlake. 817-865-6400

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