IN Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), a national not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to increasing the share of home ownership in the Asian Americas and Pacific Islands (AAPI), has launched the More Than One video series to showcase the diversity and impact of homeownership on different groups within the framework of the AAPI. community.

AREAA will release six videos during August, all hosted by AREAA President Amy Kong, and will highlight how the cultural norms of Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines affect the housing decisions of immigrants and their families. The series is sponsored by ERA® Real Estate, a global leader in residential real estate with a presence in 34 countries outside of the United States.

“AREAA is made up of 51 nationalities real estate professionals who speak more than 26 languages. Too often we are called “Asians,” and we don’t understand how different cultures and reasons for immigration influence these groups’s home buying decisions when they come to the United States, ”Kong said. “The first six episodes were my eye-opener and I know that they will provide real estate professionals with a deeper understanding of their AAPI clients, and this understanding will allow them to offer even better service.”

The first six episodes will be published on and will feature AREAA members:

  • Episode 1: Tom Truong (Vietnamese American)

Truong explains where and how those who fled war-torn Vietnam originally settled in the United States and why Vietnamese Americans have a higher percentage of homeowners than the average of all Americans.

  • Episode 2: Vicky Silvano (Filipino American)

Silvano explains why education is prized in Filipino culture and how in-demand professions like nursing have allowed Filipino Americans to have a household income of over $ 92,000.

  • Episode 3: Tina Mack (Hong Kong-Canadian)

Growing up in the “concrete jungle” of Hong Kong, Mack eventually settled in Vancouver, where she became one of the leading international real estate agents. She explains how the current political landscape in Hong Kong is stimulating a renewed interest in US immigration.

  • Episode 4: Moni Nop (Cambodian American)

Nop has experienced incredible ordeals, including escaping Cambodia’s killing field in the 1970s and living in poverty in the United States. He describes how Cambodian Americans are drawn to the land-based US economy.

  • Episode 5: Hiroko Nishikawa Naumann (Japanese American)

Nishikawa Naumann’s pursuit of a challenging career led her to the United States. While she sheds light on how diverse job opportunities are in America, she also explains why owning a home isn’t always easier than it is in Japan.

  • Episode 6: Gifann Kim (Korean American)

Kim, a second generation immigrant, talks about how family and investment play a huge role when it comes to buying property in Korean culture.

“At ERA, we believe the real estate industry has a unique opportunity to make a difference by harnessing the power and potential of different communities,” said Sherry Chris, President and CEO of ERA Real Estate. “The More Than One video series is a meaningful way to share the story of the AAPI community. Voicing these stories provides an exciting insight into the history of US immigration and how different cultures affect where people live and their views on home ownership. We are proud to support AREAA in their mission to advocate greater access to home ownership for all. ”


Founded in 2003, the Asian American Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is a national nonprofit trade organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community through home ownership. Visit for more information.


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