Are you eligible to cancel your $ 500 million student loan?



You may be wondering if you are eligible for a $ 500 million student loan cancellation.

Here’s what you need to know – and what it means for your student loans.

Student loans

If you follow latest news on student loan cancellationthen you know that President Joe Biden Cancels $ 3 Billion Student Loans… This includes the $ 500 million student loan forgiveness announced this week. Here’s how to qualify for a $ 500 million student loan cancellation (and what to do if you don’t):

  • You are subject to the borrower’s protection against the student loan repayment rule; as well as
  • You attended the ITT Institute of Technology (ITT), a business college, and the ITT misled you or participated in wrongdoing; and for example
  • Attending ITT negatively affected or did not improve your job prospects. This includes any perceived misstatements that ITT has presented to you about your job prospects and earnings potential after attending class; or
  • ITT misled you about your ability to transfer loans from ITT to another college.

In total, approximately 18,000 student loan borrowers will be eligible for $ 500 million in total student loans canceling their federal student loans under this specific student loan forgiveness to protect each borrower from student loan repayments. Since the last cancellation of the student loan, the Biden administration has written off the $ 1.5 billion student loan debt under the protection of the borrower to maturity. However, since there are 45 million student loan borrowers, this targeted student loan forgiveness of 18,000 student loan borrowers may not apply to you. However, you can still apply for a student loan forgiveness under borrower protection to maturity by meeting these requirements.

What is borrower repayment protection?

Borrower Repayment Protection is a federal ordinance passed during the Obama administration that allows you to get a student loan canceled if you were cheated or cheated by your college or university.

Which student loans can be canceled against the borrower’s protection until maturity?

Borrower protection applies only to federal student loans, or rather, only direct loans.

Does student loan repayment borrower protection apply to FFELP or Perkins loans?

No, borrower repayment protection does not apply directly to FFELP (Federal Family Education Loans Program) loans or Perkins loans. This is not a surprise because student loan cancellation does not apply to everyone… However, if you have FFELP or Perkins loans, you can combine them into a direct consolidation loan. Contact a Student Loan Service Specialist for details. Direct Consolidation Loan is eligible for full cancellation of the student loan as part of borrower protection prior to the student loan disbursement.

How much student loan forgiveness will I get?

If approved in defense of the borrower for repayment, you may receive complete cancellation of student loan or a partial cancellation of your federal student loan. You can also remove any negative credit reporting from your credit report and, if applicable, restore your eligibility for Federal Student Aid.

How to Apply for Student Loan Cancellation?

You can ask: Has student loan cancellation been canceled? It may seem that this is so, since there was no large-scale cancellation of the student loan. However, you can apply for a student loan cancellation by completing Borrower Protection Statement for Loan Repayment… An application can be obtained from both the US Department of Education and Student Loan Services. Filling out the application takes about 30 minutes. You will need your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID, your school name and program of study, enrollment dates, and any documentation supporting your application.

What are the requirements for student loan cancellation?

To receive a student loan cancellation, you must prove:

  • you borrowed federal student loans for college or university studies;
  • you believe that your college or university has deliberately misled you or committed other wrongdoing;
  • you have suffered specific financial damage as a result; as well as
  • You can prove that your college or university has violated state law related to your student loans or educational services.

It is important to understand how to qualify for student loan cancellation. For example, some examples that may qualify you for student loan cancellation include: false promises by your college or university about the cost of your education, school accreditation, job prospects, credit transfer options, or your school closed while you were enrolled. … However, you cannot claim the protection of the borrower if, for example, you did not like the school or the teaching staff, or you did not get the desired work.

What if I have questions about borrower protection?

If you have questions about borrower protection, contact the US Department of Education’s Borrower Protection Hotline at 1-855-279-6207. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET.

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