Are you eligible for a $ 2.3 billion student loan forgiveness?



Are You Eligible For Over $ 2.3 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness?

Here’s what you need to know – and what it means for your student loans.

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Becoming president in January President Joe Biden Cancels $ 2.3 Billion Student Loans For Over 110,000 Student Loan BorrowersAmerica has already reacted differently to Biden’s cancellation of student loans. Biden cannot be satisfied with what has already been achieved – perhaps he will cancel more student loans, either piece by piece for target groups of student loan borrowers, or on a large scale, as progressive Democrats hoped. The good news is that Biden has already approved the cancellation of the student loan today. Therefore, it is important to check if you are eligible to cancel the student loan that is available now:

Student Loan Cancellation: $ 1 Billion Student Loan

First, Biden canceled $ 1 billion student loans for 72,000 student loan borrowers. How do you qualify for a $ 1 billion student loan cancellation? Here’s how:

  • Your college or university has misled you or deceived you, or your school has closed down forever;
  • You have applied for student loan cancellation under the protection of the borrower to forgive student loan repayment;
  • You prove to the US Department of Education that your school has misled or deceived you, or that your school is permanently closed;
  • You have suffered financial damage; as well as
  • You already have student loan cancellationbut not all of your student loans have been canceled.

How To Get Student Loan Forgiveness Through Borrower Protection To Maturity

What if you are not one of the 72,000 student loan borrowers but think your school has misled you? You can contact the US Department of Education or your student loan service, and then you must invoke the borrower’s protection in relation to the repayment and forgiveness of student loans. You may be able to cancel your federal student loans under the protection of the borrower to obtain forgiveness for your student loans. Here’s how:

  1. Complete borrower protection on repayment application
  2. Prove pecuniary damage. A single student loan to participate in the program is not enough to prove pecuniary damage. The US Department of Education will compare the earnings of previous graduates from your academic program with those of graduates of comparable programs to determine monetary damage.
  3. Please provide any supporting documentation.
  4. Sign the certificate

Student Loan Cancellation: $ 1.3 Billion Student Loans

Biden also canceled another $ 1.3 billion in student loans for 41,000 borrowers with full and permanent disabilities. Biden will also not force an additional 190,000 student loan borrowers with disabilities to show proof of earnings. This is potentially good news too, if you qualify. If, according to this announcement, you are not eligible for a student loan cancellation, it is not too late to apply for a student loan repayment due to a complete and permanent disability. Contact the U.S. Department of Education to complete Online application cancel your federal student loans. Alternatively, you can complete a paper application on the same website, call 1-888-303-7818 or email:

America Reacts to Biden’s Student Loan Pardon

Many student loan borrowers are excited about the prospect of a student loan cancellation and support Biden’s proactive steps to forgive the loan. Not surprising, America reacted to student loan cancellation differently. While some student loan borrowers are grateful for the student loan exemption, others say canceling it is not enough today. These latest student loan borrowers want forgiveness on a large-scale student loan of $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 before the student loan is canceled altogether. For example, critics say the $ 2.3 billion student loan cancellation is only 0.1% of the $ 1.7 trillion outstanding student loan debt, according to data latest student loan debt statistics… Likewise, they say that only 110,000 student loan borrowers will receive assistance, but that is only 0.2% of the total 45 million student loan borrowers. What if you are not eligible to cancel your existing student loan? To this end, Biden asked the Department of Education for a recommendation regarding his powers as president to cancel student loans unilaterally without further congressional approval. This report is expected within a few weeks, although there is no guarantee that Biden will decide to cancel the student loan now or in the future. (Student loan forgiveness also faced major setback recently). This could mean that Congress will have to pass a law to forgive student loans, although Congress does not have enough votes, which could leave student loan borrowers in limbo until Congress drafts legislation that is more widely supported by moderate Democrats.

Make sure you have a student loan game plan today so you have a clear path to pay off your student loan. Here are some potential savings options:

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