AQRE Home shakes the real estate market with its 30-day guarantee


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 22, 2021 / –
“AQRE Home is an innovative listing and property management platform that helps landlords,
sellers and real estate agents find amazing buyers and tenants, spend less time on real estate
management, and get access to a new type of clients “- the user of the cryptocurrency.

AQRE Home, a real estate website and experienced property manager from Ontario, Georgia and Wyoming.
made a splash in the real estate world by announcing the official launch scheduled for July 23, 2021.
Note that AQRE Home offers a 30 day warranty for the next 30 days – they will sell or rent
properties within 30 days of posting, or it’s free.

AQRE Home is a subsidiary of Chelle Service Capital that specializes in combining cryptocurrencies with modern
real estate and investment technologies. By creating AQRE Home, the company aims to help landlords,
sellers and real estate agents find great buyers and tenants, spend less time managing properties and
get access to a new type of client – cryptocurrency users. Enthusiasm for the launch
AQRE Home is on top.

“Did you know that 60 million Americans now own one or more cryptocurrencies? They make millions
transactions every day – and one of them could be buying your house or paying rent, ”commented Ronis.
Harrison, CEO and Founder. “This is an untapped market and we believe it has real potential in the current environment.
real estate market. So much so that we put our money where our mouth is and offer our 30-day
Warranty “.

Experts and insiders agree that North America is crypto-ready, receiving the highest score of 7.13 out of 10 on the CryptoReady Index. AQRE Home’s connections and first-line technology approach to real estate offer access to this
market while providing top listing and property management services.

AQRE Home offers many advanced features such as free classifieds, the ability to pay and receive
paid in US dollars or cryptocurrency of the user’s choice, as well as real estate management solutions that do this
easier to take care of the rent.

To find out more and take advantage of the AQRE 30-day guarantee today, visit, or reach
from via or 1-844-424-AQRE (2773).

+1 844-424-2773
Ronis Harrison
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