APOLLO Insurance partners with Loans Canada to offer its customers access to built-in digital insurance



Vancouver, British Columbia – () – Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd. (“APOLLO Insurance”) (TSXV: APLO Reserved), a leading Canadian online insurance provider, has partnered with Loans Canada to offer immediate digital insurance products specifically targeted to the millions of Canadians using their website. Every year.

Launched in 2019, APOLLO Insurance now offers the widest selection of online insurance in Canada through brokers and built-in partnerships like this one. Through APOLLO, consumers can get quotes and purchase insurance in five minutes from any device, 24/7. Home to the largest network of lenders in Canada, Loans Canada now offers home, apartment and tenant insurance to millions of users through APOLLO.

“Loans Canada offers its users access to the financial products they need,” said Jonas Alemieu, APOLLO Business Development Manager. “Through this partnership, Loans Canada customers can now access the insurance products they need online through APOLLO.”

Loans Canada, launched in 2012, is Canada’s first online credit comparison tool. Since then, they have been used by over 1 million Canadians and have partnered with Canada’s most trusted lenders and financial institutions.

“We have experienced tremendous growth in the past year and we are delighted to be using our brand in other financial services verticals,” said Scott Satov, President of Loans Canada. “APOLLO is a natural partner for our company in the insurance sector. Thanks to their end-to-end digital platform, we believe that APOLLO’s services are ideal for our users. ”

APOLLO’s proprietary technology platform, APOLLO Exchange, handles real-time insurance transactions and uses rich data and complex algorithms to calculate costs, collect payments, create and deliver policies. Thousands of small businesses and individuals can shop online without human intervention.

About APOLLO insurance

APOLLO is Canada’s leading online insurance provider. Our proprietary APOLLO Exchange platform allows insurance agents and their clients to purchase policies immediately, from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Unlike traditional paper-based processes, APOLLO uses rich data and complex algorithms to quote, collect payments, and issue policies for thousands of types of small businesses and individuals without human intervention.

Through traditional agents and embedded financial partnerships, APOLLO is redefining insurance distribution. For more information visit: https://apollocover.com/

About Canada loans

Loans Canada, launched in 2012 as the first credit comparison platform in Canada, is a financial technology company that matches Canadian borrowers with lenders and other financial solution providers. When a borrower applies for LoansCanada.ca, it is processed using Loans Canada’s proprietary decision technology and multiple decisions are made to the borrower.

Loans Canada is also a financial literacy center with extensive educational resources on loans, credit, debt, mortgages and general personal finance. https://loanscanada.ca/


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