APOLLO Insurance and Smarter Loans Partner Offers Canadian Consumers Access to Built-in Digital Insurance



Vancouver, British Columbia – () – APOLLO Insurance, Canada’s leading online insurance provider, has partnered with Smarter Loans to offer immediate access to digital insurance products specifically tailored to the over 40,000 Canadians who visit their website every month.

Launched in 2019, APOLLO Insurance now offers the largest selection of online insurance in Canada through brokers and built-in partnerships like this one. Through APOLLO, consumers can get quotes and purchase insurance in five minutes from any device, 24/7. Since launching in 2016, Smarter Loans has helped thousands of Canadians across the country find a financial partner for all of their personal and business needs.

“Smarter Loans provides an incredible service to Canadian consumers by providing them with the best financial products on the market,” said Jill Carberry, APOLLO’s director of business development. “Combined with APOLLO’s ability to offer pricing as well as an online shopping experience, this built-in integration will result in significant savings in time and money for the end consumer.”

Smarter Loans has partnered with over 100 leading financial brands offering great digital experiences, including banks, credit unions, financial technology, and insurance companies. Consumers looking for the best price for small business, home or tenant insurance with Smarter Loans are now served by APOLLO products. They can then purchase the policy online using their credit or debit card in monthly installments.

“We are delighted to partner with APOLLO Insurance to offer cutting edge and innovative insurance products through Smarter Loans,” said Rafael Rositzan, co-founder and CEO of Smarter Loans. “Smarter Loans customers trust us to connect with leading financial brands and we look to partner with APOLLO Insurance to ensure Canadians have access to industry-leading digital products that offer value and convenience.”

APOLLO’s proprietary technology platform, APOLLO Exchange, handles real-time insurance transactions and uses rich data and complex algorithms to calculate costs, collect payments, create and deliver policies. With APOLLO, thousands of small businesses and individuals can shop online without human intervention.

About APOLLO insurance

Apollo Insurance Solutions Ltd. (“APOLLO Insurance”) is Canada’s leading provider of online insurance services. Our proprietary APOLLO Exchange platform allows insurance agents and their clients to purchase policies immediately, from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Unlike traditional paper-based processes, APOLLO uses vast data and complex algorithms to quote, collect payments, and issue policies for thousands of types of small businesses and individuals without human intervention.

Through traditional agents and embedded financial partnerships, APOLLO is redefining insurance distribution.

For more information visit: https://apollocover.com/

About reasonable loans

Smarter Loans has been recognized as the go-to place for Canadians to find out about innovative financial products, the companies behind them, and access their offerings in a safe and convenient way. Canadians can find and compare over 100 financial brands offering loans, insurance, investing, savings, business and many other products on the Internet.

For more information visit: https://smarter.loans/


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