Aplomb Real Estate partners with side, Houston and Dallas real estate market managers



Rochelle Jones, founder of Aplomb Real Estate

Rochelle Jones, founder of Aplomb Real Estate

The party supports Aplomb Real Estate by offering the latest marketing, technological, administrative and legal support that is required by the modern industry.

Aplomb Real Estate today announced its partnership with Sideby ensuring that their qualified and comprehensive real estate brand serving the metropolitan areas of Houston and Dallas is powered by the industry’s most advanced platform. Side is the only real estate technology company to exclusively partner with high performing agents, teams and independent brokerage firms to transform them into market leading boutique brands and businesses.

Aplomb Real Estate was founded by Rochelle Jones, an experienced agent representing all clients, from buyers and sellers to investors and financial institutions, and effortlessly guided them through all types of housing markets, including the Great Recession. Jones shares her specialized knowledge and experience with a variety of tips and tricks, and has published articles and statements as a subject matter expert. She has also gained her experience with numerous certifications, including as a Short Term Sell and Buyout Resource (SFR®) and Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE), among many others. In addition to membership in many other industries, she serves on the board of directors of the National REO Brokers Association (NRBA), which promotes home ownership and fair housing by helping in all aspects of managing defaults. Aplomb Real Estate serves the metropolitan areas of Houston and Dallas.

The partnership with Side ensures that Aplomb Real Estate remains at the forefront of the emerging real estate market while continuing to provide premium services to its clients. Side works behind the scenes supporting Aplomb Real Estate with a unique brokerage platform that includes proprietary technology, transaction management, branding and marketing services, public relations, legal support, lead generation, supplier management, infrastructure solutions and more. In addition, Aplomb Real Estate will join an exclusive group of third-party partners, connecting to an extensive coast-to-coast network.

“I am thrilled to reinvent my brand in partnership with Side,” Jones said. “The party supports Aplomb Real Estate with the modern marketing, technological, administrative and legal support required by the modern industry. It also allows me to keep my respected team intact while I develop my brand as I see fit. “

About Aplomb Real Estate

Professional and capable at every level, Aplomb Real Estate is committed to providing its clients with unparalleled service and value. The team boasts over 100 years of industry experience and has helped make thousands of home purchases and sales, setting the gold standard in Houston, Dallas and beyond. With its eclectic clientele and equally diverse list of properties, there is nothing that Aplomb Real Estate agents can’t handle with a deft experience – and with the utmost ease. To find out more visit http://www.aplombrealestate.com

About Side

Side is led by experienced industry professionals and world-class engineers who develop technologies designed to improve agent productivity and customer service. Building on its conviction that home ownership is a fundamental human right, Side strives to improve the public good by providing high performing real estate agents, teams and indie brokers with the best system, support, service, expertise and results.

Side is transforming high performing agents, teams and independent brokerage firms into successful 100% agent-owned businesses and boutique brands. Side exclusively works with the best agents, providing them with proprietary technology and a top-notch support team so they can be more productive, grow their business and focus on serving their customers. Side is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information visit http://www.sideinc.com

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