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Austin, TX, August 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – On 9th of September and 10, 2021, the first ever Blockchain Real Estate Summit will take place in person and online at Austin, TX, USA.

The main speaker will Stefan De Baets, a pioneer of blockchain and tradable real estate, who released AspenCoin… De Baetes will be interviewed Robert Helms radio show Real Estate Guys, professional real estate investor and host of one of the longest running and popular real estate investment podcasts in the world.

Over 400 industry leaders in traditional real estate investment and capital raising will come together with professionals from Blockchain Real Estate, Securities & Trading, Real Estate Tokenization to chart the future of tradable private real estate. This conference will connect Main Street to Wall Street using blockchain, which is the rails of the new financial system.

Freedom Real Estate Fund hosts the Blockchain Real Estate Summit. Liberty is issuing its security tokens on the blockchain to ensure stable and tradable private real estate investments.

Special presentations will feature AKRU one of the most popular real estate investment platforms where investors can invest for as little as 1000 USD and Algorand Blockchain for FutureFi. Come find out how Algorand is the leading technology network for accessing real estate investments around the world.

WHY BLOCKCHAIN? This transformative technology allows people to instantly move and exchange value around the world, just as the Internet allows you to communicate. This allows assets and money to move in the same way we move information over the Internet.

According to Michael Polet, CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund: “Blockchain technology can open more than $ 280 trillion* illiquid and unaffordable value of real estate “.

The Real Estate Blockchain Summit is a global intersection of FinTech and PropTech, aiming to open up worldwide access to wealth-generating real estate benefits.

The summit will also highlight Real Estate Blockchain projects that will revolutionize property rights, tenure, property management and real estate investment. Real estate, securities, legal and regulatory experts will be on hand to guide widespread blockchain adoption to create seamless tradable private real estate.

In addition, more than 40 globally recognized leaders in the real estate capital markets, the securities industry and technology companies will speak.

Venue – AT&T Hotel Conference Center on University of Texas campus located in Austin, TX… 1900 University Avenue, Austin, TX 78705.

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* Source: Savills World Research.

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