“Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid Redefine Real Estate Boundaries”: 76-year-old teammates have an interesting past.



Andre Drummond, who last signed with the Philadelphia 76ers, has a rather complicated history with 76ers center Joel Embiid.

The Philadelphia 76ers announced Wednesday that they have signed to Andre Drummond. According to reports, this was a minimum one-year veteran contract.

The former Pistons center is a 2-time NBA All-Star leader and 4-time rebound leader. Drummond – career points 14.5 points, 13.7 points and 1.5 points. While his short stint at the Lakers did not go as planned, there is no denying that the big man can be the dominant force in the paint.

The two big men were recently spotted greeting each other at the 76ers training camp.

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However, things may not seem as they seem. Embiid and Drummond have been at war for almost 5 years. The two have often seen them shoot each other on social media.

A brief history of the feud between Joel Embiid and Andre Drummond

It all started back in 2017 when Embiid hit Drummond’s defense. The 76ers center was quoted as saying: “Defensively, he doesn’t play defensively. When we started the game, he was aggressive and talked too. So what was I [in my mind] “Do you want to do this? I’m going to kick you [a**] Then. So that’s what I did. “

Drummond, who played for the Pistons, quickly responded and tweeted.

In 2018, during a match between the 76ers and the Pistons, Embiid could not resist an altercation with Drummond and was seen on the court saying “He can’t guard me.”

In the aforementioned match, Drummond would even have been pushed out in the final seconds of the last quarter in the event that Embiid failed, giving the Pistons big man his second technical lead.

The highlight of their feud, however, remains Joel Embiid’s 2018 tweet. The 4x All-Star named Drummond for his poor shooting.

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It’s interesting how the dynamics in the NBA are changing, because no one would have thought that two centers would play for the same team.


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