Amerisave selects Arnold as creative agency and aims to be Pepsi for Coke by Rocket Mortgage.



AmeriSave aims to go beyond its “refinancing company” image by targeting first home buyers. “Finding an audience that can benefit from refinancing is actually pretty easy,” says Beamer. “I can deduce most of this from credit reporting data, for example, but finding the population that is going to buy a house is quite difficult. This is where a lot of experimentation takes place. “

Beamer, who has worked with Arnold in the past while at Progressive and also served as CMO at SolarCity and Forward, said he is looking for a partner who can strategically target this customer.

“Martin and I went out of the gate with some really creative work, but work that I think was not based on as strong a strategic foundation as I would have liked,” says Beamer. “Ultimately, as a company that has long justified its marketing investment in sales growth, we really need a job that works without bias. We have great aspirations. We want to spend to reach the size we want, but we also need to make sure our messages resonate with our consumers. ”

According to agency spokesman Martin, AmeriSave is still running the agency’s campaign “related to record $ 23 billion in sales for a mortgage lender (exceeding all indicators of 2020 in the first half of the year, there are 780% more purchase transactions compared to the same period last year). ” When asked to make a statement, Martin Agency President Chris Mumford responded succinctly and sweetly: “You’re welcome.”

The housing situation across the country has also been hit hard by the pandemic. Although the rates are low, it is difficult for people to find homes to buy as, due to the pandemic, people are now using their homes more than ever. AmeriSave can help with this, Beamer said.

“What I love about AmeriSave is that they understand the importance of relevance, especially given the current state of the housing market, and define where that relevance is through culture,” said Sean McBride, CEO of Arnold. A CMO who is a real employee and allows his agency partners to build on what they are really good at, which always leads to creative business transformation work. ”

This is the latest win for Arnold, which recently forged creative partnerships with Cox Communications and DuckDuckGo. Other clients of the agency include Progressive Insurance, Center for Disease Control (CDC Anti-tobacco), Forward, HomeServe and Helen Troyanskaya.


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