America’s 15 Best Cities to Live in – Revealed



8. Portland, Maine
Overall rating: 7.2
Desirability: 7.9
Value: 6.6
Job Market: 7.6
Quality of life: 7.4
Net migration: 6.6

The largest and most populous city in Maine ranks high in terms of quality of life, labor market stability and attractiveness. Portland has seen remarkable population growth over the past few years. College students also have a prominent presence in the city, helping to bolster its reputation as a supporter of liberal politics.

7. Naples, Florida
Overall rating: 7.2
Desirability: 4.7
Value: 6.6
Job Market: 6.9
Quality of life: 7.7
Net migration: 9.6

Naples is the fourth fastest growing city of any city on the list, and for good reason – it boasts pristine beaches, expansive golf courses, and plenty of shopping and fine dining options. The city also scores highly in terms of quality of life, driven by low crime rates, medical services and travel times.

6. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Total score: 7.3
Desirability: 10.0
Value: 6.4
Job Market: 6.9
Quality of life: 6.7
Net migration: 7.3


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