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MINNEAPOLIS, June 3, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Faced with a low speed environment, American Pacific Mortgage (APM), the top 15 retail mortgage company in the country by volume, needed to update its borrower retention strategy to help its 1,400 loan officers in more than 200 branches prioritize customer engagement and protect valuable customer relationships.

To combine real-time borrower refinancing eligibility information with powerful marketing automation tools, the lender quickly turned to Total Expert, a CRM and customer relationship platform tailored for the financial services industry.

The Total Experience Platform allowed real-time identification of refinancing opportunities through seamless integration with Sales Boomerang, and then launched automated communication that supports customers throughout the refinancing journey and beyond. By gaining instant insight from a single solution that manages all sales and marketing, APM loan officers can provide a technology-driven, humane experience and help ensure customer retention

“Given the rapid influx of applications, our team couldn’t handle this without automation,” said Michael Guidotti, vice president of integration and industry technology for American Pacific Mortgage. “Thanks to the integrations we already installed with Total Expert and Sales Boomerang, we were able to quickly change and realign our strategy to keep pace with the changing marketplace.”

By simplifying the way loan officers communicate with their clients, APM used smart automation to increase borrower retention rates by 50% from 2019 to 2020. From Q1 to Q4 2020, the lender also doubled the processing of refinancing applications and increased sales by almost 60%. …

“To serve as a valuable partner to their clients on their financial travels, loan officers must deliver a personalized, technology-based experience that delivers the right message at the right time,” said Sue Woodard, director of customer service at Total Expert. “By connecting with clients through timely interactions, loan officers can build strong relationships, grow their business throughout market cycles, and attract clients for life.”

To keep their focus on high-priority engagement, APM loan officers used Total Expert Daily Digest, an automated daily email that details their top priorities and critical touchpoints. With a list of priority leads in their inboxes, loan officers could manage contacts on the go without logging into CRM.

“The Total Experience platform helped us simplify the contact management of our credit managers,” Guidotti said. “When the market shifted to refinancing, they were able to pivot with it, using email alerts, tasks and prioritization so they knew exactly what they needed to do to support clients on their financial travels.”

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About American Pacific Mortgages
American Pacific Mortgage (APM) has been helping clients achieve their home ownership goals since 1996. With years of experience in mortgage lending, APM is a direct lender that employs over 1,400 loan advisors to assist clients with their home lending needs, from purchase to refinancing. for repairs and much more. Today APM is among the top 15 retail mortgage companies in the country by volume.

About Total Expert
Total Expert is a leading financial technology software company that provides specialized CRM systems and customer interaction for modern financial institutions. The Total Experience Platform brings together data, marketing, sales, and compliance solutions to deliver consistent experiences across the entire customer lifecycle. Total Expert turns customer insights into actions to increase loyalty and spur the growth of banks, lenders, credit unions and other financial services companies. For more information visit

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