AMC Class Assessment Adds Shah to CTO Position



National valuation management company Class Valuation has appointed veteran technology specialist Kaushal Shah as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in its latest move to expand various pilot programs across the country. The appointment first appeared in Mortgage Professional America (MPA).

Shah is reported to have over 25 years of experience in information technology (IT), including in product development and training teams in industries such as banking, brokerage and securities. His most recent experience includes a 5-year internship with secure messaging services company Swift, first as Head of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and then as Head of Engineering.

Prior to joining Swift in 2016, Shah worked in multiple technology positions at telecom giant Verizon, overseeing various product lines, including its point of sale systems, and served as director of digital engagement and e-commerce.

“At Class, we have focused on leveraging data and technology to move the valuation space into the future for a long time,” said John Fraas, General Manager of Class Valuation, to MPA. “With Kaushal’s leadership and expertise in cutting edge technology and building highly functional teams, we can truly take our team to the next level.”

As for Shah himself, he expresses admiration for the company’s plans and the role he can play in helping them.

“What excited me the most was the conversations with the class management and Gridiron during the interview. I felt the energy, enthusiasm and commitment to honestly attempt to push the boundaries and lead the AMC space with a strong focus on technology and data, ”said Shah MPA. “I feel there is unlimited scope for improving and expanding the current set of products and solutions, especially with a new focus on data integration.”

In recent months, Class Valuation has taken more visible steps to help expand its presence across the country. This spring, the company, which includes mortgage reverse appraisal services as part of its complete product portfolio, was acquired by Connecticut-based investment firm Gridiron Capital, the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Gridiron acquired the company from the previous majority owner, Narrow Gauge Capital in Boston, Massachusetts. According to the deal announcement, Narrow Gauge will remain the minority owner in Class as part of the deal.

This summer, the class itself acquired AMC SouthEastern Evaluation (SEE) is based in Greenville, South Carolina in an effort to increase the company’s share of the AMC services market in the southeastern United States. SEE serves over 150 clients, including mortgage lenders, public banks and credit unions, using its network of professional appraisers to serve a client base in 20 states. According to the acquisition announcement, the company’s immediate focus is on the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and other neighboring states in the region.

Read history about hiring Shah in the MPA.


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