Alterra Home Loans Promotes Marc Hernandez to the Presidency



Alterra Home Credit LLC, an independent mortgage bank headquartered in Nevada, promoted Marc Hernandez to the presidency following his leadership and contribution as Alterra’s executive vice president of retail lending. Hernandez, who was appointed to this position by previous president and co-founder Jason Madiedo, will be responsible for sales, operations and marketing.

Hernandez joined Alterra in 2015 when he opened a branch in Chicago and eventually expanded the company’s regional presence. He later took up a management position in the division, overseeing Alterra’s East Coast operations, where he was instrumental in delivering results for the company. Hernandez has 17 years of experience in the mortgage lending industry in both sales and operations, including positions at Countrywide, Bank of America and Huntington Bank. He holds a BS in Information Systems from the University of Notre Dame.

“Mark is a by-product of our culture and a shining example of our commitment to professional growth and nurturing our leaders so that they can be promoted from within,” says Madiedo. “He is very familiar with the mortgage business, but more importantly, he knows what people are in business and works great with a wide range of people. In an industry that is constantly changing, Mark has an incredible ability to articulate his vision, set direction for the company, and execute it. A successful leader must be very curious about what needs to be changed, and Mark always challenges the status quo and wonders what we, as an industry and as a company, can do better. I also like that we were able to bring in another leader from Latin America to our industry. I am proud of this “.

Madiedo, who will continue to serve as CEO of Panorama Mortgage Group, which owns the Alterra brand, chose Hernandez for this position not only because of his innate talent, but also because of the emotional intelligence, leadership and critical thinking that he regularly displays. As just one of a handful of Hispanic mortgage bank presidents in the country, Madiedo sees Hernandez’s advancement as an extension of the diversity that Alterra is committed to.

“Alterra has a solid, customer-centric foundation and a truly outstanding culture in which dedicated professionals thrive,” says Hernandez. “I really want to help the company reach a new level of success and growth by expanding our product range, investing in our technology platform and inspiring our team of highly skilled professionals. My goal is to create a best-in-class operating platform and explore the strategic opportunities that will enable Alterra to better serve our clients and engage in broader national dialogue among independent mortgage bankers. ”

“At Panorama Mortgage Group, we are confident that our industry is on the cusp of a new generation of mortgage leaders, and we prioritize empowering and training leaders like Marc Hernandez,” said Miguel Narvaez, director of revenue for Alterra. and Panorama Mortgage Group. “We strongly believe in investing in practitioners who aspire to become future leaders. There has never been a more important moment in our industry history to empower mortgage entrepreneurs to become the mortgage leaders of tomorrow. ”


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