All documents NRI will need when buying property in India



The time was perfect for NRIs looking to buy property in India. While India the property In the recent past, the sector has seen a price correction, buying real estate in India has become more profitable with favorable exchange rates.

how Nri You do not need a special permit to buy real estate. However, while you can buy residential or commercial property, you cannot buy agricultural plots, farm houses, or plantations.

Here is a short list of what you will need at each step.

What you need before buying a property

  • Passport and / or OCI card: You will need to show your Indian passport. If you have an international passport, you can buy property in India if you have SOI Card (Persons of Indian Descent) or OCI Card (Overseas Citizen of India).
  • PAN card: This is a must for real estate transactions.
  • Power of attorney: You will also need to provide a Power of Attorney in case you are not available in India to complete a purchase transaction. Please note that in order to complete a real estate transaction, you will need a special, registered and notarized power of attorney, not a general power of attorney.

How to issue a power of attorney

The Power of Attorney entitles another person residing in India to transact on your behalf. The power of attorney must be signed by you in the presence of a consular officer or notary in your country of residence. They will also have to witness this.

How can you pay for your purchase?

You can finance the purchase of real estate with incoming money transfers or with funds in the account of a non-resident. You can also take out a mortgage.

To obtain a home loan, NRIs must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of Indian Passport and Visa
  • In the absence of an Indian passport
  • PIO card if you have a foreign passport
  • OCI card if your parents are Indian citizens
  • Work permit / employment contract / letter of appointment in your country of residence
  • Latest salary statement / Payroll for the last six months
  • Latest income tax returns
  • Bank statement and NRO accounts for the last year
  • Country bureau report
  • Power of attorney (in case you are not in India to make a purchase)

Make sure that you have checked and confirmed all the required paperwork to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and hassle-free.

  • Title deed (addressed to the seller). Some states have certain documents that you need to be aware of.
  • Approved plan
  • Building permit
  • Occupation certificate (in case it is a finished building)
  • Old titles, if any
  • Updated encumbrance act
  • Share certificate (in the case of a housing cooperative)
  • NOC from society
  • RERA registration (if applicable)
  • If these documents are in order, you can proceed to the preparation of the purchase agreement for the purchase of real estate.

Documents required for registration

In addition to identity documents (such as a passport and PAN card), you will need to provide proof of your current address (such as utility bills) and passport-sized photographs to register the sale.


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