Alexander Betses provides 8 tips for choosing the right real estate agent



Alexander Betes on choosing the right real estate agent

MERRIMAC, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA, August 25, 2021 / – Buying or selling a home is an important financial decision. It is equally important to hire the right real estate agent. Not only can a professional offer you the best deal, but a real estate agent will also help you avoid costly mistakes.

Wanting to help Alexander Betses is undergoing training to become a realtor. While at the Masiello Group, he offers eight tips to consider when hiring a potential agent.

Talk to the lender

Don’t jump into home search. Getting a pre-approved mortgage should influence any decisions. This not only determines the maximum amount you can borrow, but also helps you stay within your budget. Narrowing down that circle can help your real estate agent meet your needs. It also shows that you are a serious buyer.

Priority list

What are you looking for in a potential agent? The answer to this question is the key to finding the right person. List the qualities that matter most to you. An agent who knows the area well is always a plus. Visit their website. See if their virtual presence, including videos and photos, makes a strong first impression.

Get referrals

Ask around. Anyone with a home has had at least one agent in their entire life. Friends, family and neighbors should be able to recommend someone. While their expertise is valuable, each customer has different needs. Weigh your own desires harder.

Research Candidates

Study the online profile of the potential agent. Check out reviews on social media and online. While you shouldn’t be afraid of a couple of negative comments, some of them can become a red flag. Checking credentials is also important. Realtors, like Alexander Betses, are members of the National Association of Realtors and often have several specialized designations.

Conduct an interview

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a couple of potential agents, a face-to-face meeting is an opportunity to ask questions. Find out if they understand your needs and if they can meet them. Discuss your preferred communication methods and session times.

Request links

During this interview, it is also time to ask for recommendations. Alexander Betses encourages you can ask about previous listings in the last year and what they were sold for. Ask to speak with former clients to see if they will be working with this agent again.

Trust your intuition

All research in the world should not replace how you feel with a real estate agent. They will be your guide in this process. With whatever agent you hire, you should feel comfortable and supportive.

Check the contract

Do not sign until you are familiar with the listing agreement. Your contract must clearly state the terms and conditions to which you agree, including any fees. This is often a matter of negotiation. The duration of the contract is also mandatory. Shorter periods are preferred, eg six months. As Alexander Betses notes, this allows you to leave options open in the future and change agents if necessary.

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