Alex Hirst: The firm he founded currently owns $ 1.6 billion in real estate.



Written by Jesse Sheckner August 24, 2021


Alex Hirst: The firm he founded currently owns $ 1.6 billion in real estate.

Perhaps in a parallel universe, Alex Hirst is a successful business strategy writer rather than the founder and managing director of investment firm Palatine Capital Partners.

He nearly took this route during his college break. He worked overseas in England, where he found himself on the ground floor of a successful internet startup, the sale of which earned him funds that he later used to launch Palatine in 2007.

As part of an offer to Oxford University Press – an opportunity he gained through his friendship with his editor – he interviewed several hugely successful entrepreneurs, including Michael Bloomberg and Martha Stewart, for a book he was planning to write about personality traits and attitudes. to business. it brought those industry captains together.

The book never came out, but he remembered these conversations. They talked about how he approached the world after school and during the creation of his company.

Today, Palatine has approximately $ 1.6 billion in assets in real estate markets across the country, with headquarters in Miami and New York. And while the company’s notorious “bread and butter” is a real estate investment with below-average income, its most valuable asset, he says, is its people.

“Good investment, engaging in interesting deals is not what drives me,” he said. “These are talented, motivated people involved in business who have decided to put their professional ambitions on what we do here.”

Mr. Hirst spoke on the phone with reporter Jesse Scheckner.

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