Agents play a key role in the hot real estate market



A changing market means changing expectations. It wasn’t that long ago Ellie Beth Allman & Partners made a splash in the real estate industry, surpassing $ 2 billion in annual sales. In 2021, this milestone was reached by mid-June. Now it seems that $ 3 billion is quite achievable, and even $ 4 billion is not excluded.

“I think it shows the strength of our agents and our firm, as well as the strength of the DFW market,” said President Keith Conlon.

This hot market also highlights the value of working with an experienced real estate professional. Experience is vital in navigating these unique market dynamics. Stock levels are lower than in recent years. This is true for almost every price point. However, record sales are proof that many homes are still for sale. The key is knowing how to find them.

This is what Ellie Beth’s agents to succeed in. Through constant interaction and a collaborative team approach, they always find the best property for buyers first. This is often even before the houses are on the market. These agents also know which people to turn to for reviews and other details quickly and correctly.

“Now more than ever, the agent is important in such a market,” said Conlon.

There are many stories of homes receiving dozens of bids, sometimes within 24 hours. Even some Park towns There are 10 to 20 offers on the real estate market. This is why it is so important to have an agent who understands the market and knows if the property is priced fairly. These are quick fixes that make the difference between getting a home or losing.

In the recent past, agents relied on price comparisons from the past six months or even a year. These data are terribly out of date these days. The market has changed dramatically in just the past couple of months. Many assessments have not yet reflected this. It is imperative to have an agent who understands the rapidly changing landscape and can respond to it.

And for sellers in today’s market, an experienced agent knows how to value a home based on current data. This is the only way to attract several offers and not stay on the market for too long.

It is difficult to say how long the DFW real estate market will remain this strong. One thing is clear: the team Ellie Beth Allman & Partners “Will continue to lead by providing better customer service,” said Conlon.

Luxury real estate boutique Ellie Beth Allman & Partners leads DFW to sell homes worth between $ 3 million and $ 6 million and up, according to the Multiple Listing Service. Contact an experienced agent at


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