Agents in 9 New Real Estate Markets Eligible for Knock-Certification



Agents in Nine New US Markets May Become Knock-certified as the fast-growing mortgage company proptech will start offering its House exchange to other cities in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Texas.

Knock Home Swap is a service that allows homeowners to move into a new home prior to selling an existing home. Families can make an unconditional offer “like cash” thanks to Knock’s unique housing finance model, which also provides clients with a bridging loan of up to $ 250,000 to cover mortgage payments for their current home, as well as pre-service and concierge services.

Knock seeks brokerage partnerships in every new market to increase the availability of its Home Swap. New markets include Prescott and Yuma, Arizona; Villages in Florida; Duluth, Rochester and St Cloud, Minnesota; Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee; and Sherman-Denison, Texas, bringing Knock into 59 markets.

“Knock Home Swap is available nationwide through 245 real estate brokerages with 100,000 agents in approximately 4,700 zip codes,” the report said.

Knock mortgages are competitively priced and agents and their clients can operate with a digital two-way transaction solution called Backyard

Sellers track their trade using a similar login called Frontyard, which is accessible through their mobile device, and it also includes their mortgage qualifications.

“It’s clear that homeowners across the country are looking for a more digital, streamlined real estate experience that includes the experience of a real estate professional,” said Knock Co-Founder and CEO Sean Black… “We’re excited to introduce Home Swap and the confidence, convenience and cost savings it brings to more homeowners.”

The Home Swap user’s home does not need to be listed until they move into their new home. This avoids the need to live in the house during any service and, ultimately, the display process. It also removes contingencies for salespeople. In addition, Knock offers each retailer a network of qualified home service professionals and handles all payment procedures.

Knock says 99 percent of its sellers’ homes were sold in 30 days or less, but the company provides an additional offer if it is not sold within six months.

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