A&D mortgage securitization, 72 percent includes non-QM loans



A&D Mortgage and Imperial Fund have closed their second autonomous securitization since the pandemic. Securitization was carried out for mortgage loans issued and serviced by A&D Mortgage, the main provider of loans. S&P and DBRS Morningstar evaluated the securitization and the deal was closed on Friday, June 11, 2021.

According to the company, the securitization market has played an important role in expanding the ability of A&D Mortgage to conduct transactions on an ongoing basis in the mortgage industry.

“Thanks to its support for securitization, A&D Mortgage is driving the market in the non-quality management space,” said Max Slyusarchuk, Founder and CEO of A&D Mortgage. “We have the ability to create our own products, allowing us to serve more people and communities across the country.”

The S&P and DBRS Morningstar ratings have been assigned to fixed and variable rate residential mortgages and first collateral mortgages. Mortgage Certificates, 2021-NQM1 series, financed mortgage loans. The certificates are secured by 493 loans with a principal balance of $ 214,223,458 as of May 1, 2021 or the cut-off date. Non-QM loans account for approximately 72% of the pool, with 28% of the pool being ATR-exempt real estate investor loans.

As a wholesale lender, A&D offers a full range of conventional, government, large loans and non-QM loan products. A&D Mortgage offers programs for self-employed borrowers, small business owners and independent contractors. They also offer products for first-class borrowers, overseas borrowers, and borrowers with less than ideal credit. In addition, DSCR programs are offered for investment property loans without requiring proof of income.


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