ABRA now offers 0% loans against bitcoin and



Mountain View, CA June 2, 2021 (GLOBAL) – (via Blockchain Wire) –– Abra (https://www.abra.com/), a fully interoperable platform for buying, selling and trading over 100 cryptocurrencies and earning interest of up to 10.5% on select digital assets, today announced that Abra Borrow, an app’s built-in feature for using cryptocurrency as collateral for borrowing fiat currencies under its ownership Digital Assets now offers an unprecedented zero interest rate option on Bitcoin and Ethereum loans. For the first time, cryptocurrency holders can borrow in BTC and ETH and quickly withdraw TUSD directly to a bank account with no interest charges for loan amounts up to 10% of the value (LTV).

“Offering 0% interest through Abra Borrow allows clients to quickly gain free access to 10% of their assets, while still benefiting from any increase in the price of those assets. Nothing like this has been done before, ”said Bill Barhidt, founder and CEO of Abra. “Now that more people own cryptocurrency than ever before, having the tools to effectively manage and access profits is essential for a thriving crypto ecosystem. Abra is fully committed to being a leader in this new and evolving space. ”

Abra Borrow is an instantly available personal line of credit for anything like a down payment on a home, college tuition, buying a car, medical bills, or buying more cryptocurrency. This feature is available in Abra mobile app worldwide in most countries and in 41 US states, with deployments expected in the near future in other US states.

Abra is steadily becoming the leading wealth management app as it is the first to enter the market with significant new products and services, including Abra Borrow, for managing both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Crypto exchange users always turn to the simple Abra Trade user interface that does not require trading experience, while new non-cryptocurrency users are attracted by the easy transition. Abra Earn has consistently offered the highest yield of any crypto service provider with a USD stablecoin rate that is currently 10.5% per annum. Now Abra Borrow is taking this to the next level by providing instant free USD lines of credit through these crypto holdings.

Abra is a full-service digital asset app with continuous fiat-to-cryptocurrency conversion features. Launched in 2017, Abra is backed by leading investors including American Express Ventures, Foxconn, First Round Capital, Arbor Ventures, Jungle Ventures, Lehrer Hippeau Ventures, RRE Ventures, and Ignia.

For more information on Abra Borrow and to download the app, visit: https://abra.com/

Abra is a finance and technology company that operates a unified cryptocurrency wallet repository and exchange. Abra is the world’s first global investment app that makes it easy to invest in cryptocurrency. The easy-to-use Abra app gives users unprecedented access to hundreds of cryptocurrencies, offering the freedom to buy, sell, trade, earn and borrow anywhere, anytime. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, Abra is represented in more than 150 countries. Investors include American Express Ventures, First Round Capital, Foxconn Technology Group, Arbor Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, RRE Ventures, DCG and many others. For more information visit https://www.abra.com/

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