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Ever wondered what it means to invest in a hotel or shopping mall? Stop dreaming about it, we will tell you step by step how to do it without having millions in the bank.

MEXICO, (20 July 2021). – If you are interested in increasing your wealth, because you are convinced that this is not only the privilege of the rich, but also a decision that you also have the right to make and use for your personal good. being, you are in the right place. We invite you to read to the end.

FIBRA (Real Estate and Infrastructure Trusts) is a securities instrument that replicates the real estate rental business by allowing investors to participate in the real estate market. This investment vehicle is targeted at various segments of the real estate sector such as offices, industrial plants, hotels, retail space and warehouses.

How can I invest in FIBER?

To be able to buy any instrument in the stock market, you must first make a scale with a financial intermediary. In Mexico, we have 35 brokerage houses, 49 banks and over 600 investment funds, some of which specialize in FIBRAS.

“Through the network, you can access several: Citibanamex, BBVA, Finamex, GBM, Punto Casa de Bolsa and many others. You can find them all on the Internet, you just have to go in and look for the “open a contract” option. You will need to determine the minimum amount required to open this contract, today it can be opened for as little as 1000 pesos. They will ask you to provide proof of identity, debit card key account number, proof of address, and fill out a form (where you will provide your details and recipients). Today’s technology allows you to get a response within minutes, you can fund your account and start investing, ”says CEO Escuela Bolsa Mexicana.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As a new investor, you can instruct the platform to make a purchase and the amount will be automatically debited from your debit account. The money you invest will go to your own investment account, not to an account in the name of your financial intermediary. Your money will always be yours.

It may also happen that your financial intermediary provides you with more traditional services and you have to call him on the phone to indicate the FIBER and the amount you want to invest.

What options can you choose?

There is Fiber Unowhich is one of the most important in the market, with over 650 properties in the country and a value of approximately $ 24.34 per title.

Let’s say if you deposit 24.34 pesos per title, you proportionately own 650 assets in the country, meaning you only buy a small portion, but isn’t it cool to find that you don’t need millions to become a real estate investor? This is a good start, after all, you decide how far you want to go, how much capital you want to invest.

There is also Fiber Danhoswhich has about 15 properties and whose title price is around $ 23.71.

Or how about an investment in FEC Fiber Optic, which costs roughly $ 29.02 by name?

You can choose between the 16 fibers that exist on the market today.

Practical case

Suppose you have accumulated 10,000 pesos and are asked to invest in FIBER.

If you decide to invest in Fibra Uno, which is priced at approximately $ 24.34, you can buy 410 items (which will cost you 9,979.40 pesos and you have $ 20.6 left). You decide whether you complete the quest to buy another title or keep the remaining one.

It is recommended that you set a specific evaluation period (and avoid it every day, as this can be addictive) and conduct a FIBRA behavior analysis every time you receive your application, but be very calm because your investment goals are not short-term. The longer you delay withdrawing your resources from the stock market, the more time you will have to incur the losses that the equity instrument has to offer you.

Many investors who have experience with this type of investment consider it to be a good business that generates income from time to time, and they know that their investments will be profitable in 5, 10 or 15 years, so they can face future crises with confidence. that disabled people will recover over time and with greater strength.

And what level of return can FIBER give me?

The director of the Mexican School of Stock Exchanges points out that Fibra Uno grew by 8.7% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter of 2020, which may seem very good, although he says that FIBRA is used to offering returns above 20% or 25% for year. year, which definitely did not happen in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, he warns that industrial property firm Fibra Macquarie cut sales by 15.5% as much of its operations were not considered “necessary” in the early months of the pandemic.

Does this mean investing in FIBERS is a bad idea?

“On the contrary, this is a great opportunity because the availability of Macquarie Fiber, which fell 15.5% over the year and now costs $ 23.79 a piece, could represent something good for the future when the economy returns to full activity. and this will allow businesses to reclaim what they lost last year, as well as the extra points that reactivation will bring, ”stresses Gerardo Aparicio.

“So if, as we said, you bought 410 titles (for 9,979.40 pesos) with 10% annual share, in three years these editions could cost 30 pesos. At that time, they would generate 2,300 pesos in capital gains alone. Comparing the same investments in CETES, we see that FIBER can triple the profitability, ”concluded the director of Escuela Bolsa Mexicana.

A source: Forbes

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