A record number of households receive aid from purchase assistance as loans exceed £ 20 billion



  • The numbers released today show a record number of people buying a home through the Buying Assistance: Equity Loan scheme.
  • Since its inception, the scheme has provided more than £ 20 billion to help people buy housing.
  • Despite the impact of COVID-19, the housing market remains healthy as more new buyers climb the corporate ladder.
  • The government has pledged to provide a realistic and affordable path to home ownership.

According to data released today (August 13, 2021), the number of people buying a home under the Help to Buy scheme is at an all-time high.

Last Help buy statistics show that in fiscal 2020/21, more than 55,000 households bought their homes with support from Help to Buy, a record-breaking year for the scheme.

Since the introduction of this scheme, 328,506 households have purchased a home through Help to Buy.

In total, the value of these equity loans exceeded £ 20 billion, and the value of real estate sold under the scheme exceeded £ 90 billion.

The scheme helps new buyers climb the corporate ladder by providing a loan to cover the cost of buying a new home.

Today’s data shows that appetite for homeownership remains strong across the country, and the government has pledged to support first-time homebuyers and hardworking families to buy homes.

It was also announced earlier this week that home builders across the country may an application for a £ 150 million stake to support the rollout of the new First Homes scheme helping local novice buyers climb the housing ladder.

Housing Minister Robert Jenrick, MP, said:

Last year, more than 55,000 families bought their homes with the support of Help to Buy, a record year for a program that helps young people and new buyers experience the pride and achievement that comes with owning a home.

Whether it’s purchase assistance, a 95% mortgage guarantee or first homes, we do everything in our power to make your home purchase affordable and realistic.

Holly Roberts, 27, is one of thousands of people who have taken advantage of this scheme over the past year, recently buying a property in Poole, Dorset.

Holly said:

It’s nice to have my own home, I just love to have my own home and I know I have achieved this through my hard work.

I couldn’t have climbed the residential staircase without buying help. This equity loan simply helped me bridge the gap between what I could borrow on a mortgage and the prices I was looking at in this area.

I would recommend helping other people buy. I honestly think this is such a good government scheme.

First-time home buyers can find a suitable home ownership scheme for themselves, including purchase assistance: stock loans, through Build your home website which provides a single gateway for all routes to the apartment building’s staircase.

A website is an easy and affordable way for first-time buyers to start their home ownership journey and find the right government scheme for them.


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