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Premium properties

Our park space is Park Cities (obvi). But do you know the next promenade?

USD 12,900,000 1730 JT Ottinger Rd., Westlake

Sleeps 5 | 6.4 baths | 12,316 sq. Ft.

This 9-acre French country estate features Queen Marie Antoinette’s own Hamlet for guests.

Listing Agent: Lilly Young, 972-467-5714, Allie Beth Allman & Associates

USD 1,299,000 701 Chatham Ct., Southlake

Sleeps 5 | 6 bathrooms | 5635 sq. Ft.

The backyard is built for entertainment, with a swimming pool, spa, summer kitchen and covered patio.

Listing Agent: Julie Provenzano, 214-315-4315, Compass

USD 1,980,000 4909 Beldon Tr., Colliville

Sleeps 5 | 5 bathrooms | 6368 sq ft

It has it all: high ceilings, sweeping staircases and stunning views of the Colliville Canal.

Listing Agent: Barbara Pantuso, 817-781-0994, Keller Williams Realty Luxury Homes International

USD 3,950,000 4340 Fairfax Ave., Highland Park

Sleeps 5 | 7 baths | 5649 sq ft

Don’t be fooled by the facade of this modern new building, designed by architect Mark Domito. A wall of windows in the back opens onto the pool.

Listing Agent: Pogir Pogir, 214-244-3103, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

USD 6,250,000 4027 University Blvd., University Park

Sleeps 5 | 7 baths | 7292 sq ft

What this Hampton-style dream home lacks with ocean views is offset by the glossy finishes in shades of blue.

Listing Agent: Jonathan Rosen, 214-972-1313, Compass

USD 1,599,000 5319 Livingston Avenue, Bluffview

4 beds | 6 bathrooms | 4476 sq ft

A revamped pool and covered patio make this contemporary farmhouse feel like a Four Seasons.

Listing Agent: Susan Baldwin, 214-763-1591, Allie Beth Allman & Associates

USD 950,000 7212 Glendora Ave., North Dallas

4 beds | 5 bathrooms | 4078 sq ft

The upstairs playroom has a bar counter with sink, mini fridge, fireplace and plenty of seating.

Listing Agent: Kay Ellen Pollack, 214-727-7178, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Agency

USD 2,795,000 9191 Manchester Doctor, Preston Hollow

2 beds | 4 baths | 4771 square feet

Architect Michael Malone applied his mid-century Art Nouveau approach to this largely one-story home.

Listing Agent: Tom Hughes, 214-649-3323, Compass

Bank for these

Did you know that the way to win at Monopoly is to buy orange property? They land more often than any other square.

USD 950,000 5145 Shoreline Dr., Frisco

4 beds | 4 baths | 4344 sq ft

There is a pool with a slide, a built-in bunk room and a separate recreation room for children only.

Listing Agent: Rene Rubin, 214-684-2776, Compass

USD 1,699,999 1271 Shelby Ln., Selina

3 beds | 4 baths | 4156 sq ft

A Lincoln Logs cockpit of your child’s imagination is even better in real life. With a buried pond.

Listing Agent: Christine Geremez, 214-240-0016, Abi Holliday

USD 855,000 5526 Monticello Avenue, M street

4 beds | 3 baths | 2655 sq. Ft.

This storybook home is filled with cozy reading nooks and eaves that look like a spa.

Listing Agent: Maribeth Peters, 214-566-1210, Allie Beth Allman & Associates

USD 725,000 2850 Peavy Rd., East Dallas

4 beds | 4 baths | 2927 sq ft

Built in 1952, this secluded creek-side location with an expansive patio tucked away behind a private, shady driveway.

Listing Agent: Barbara Arredondo, 214-642-7696, Clay Stapp + Co.

USD 599,900 3717 Prescott Ave., Oak Lawn

2 beds | 3 baths | 1968 square feet

Drama fills this artistic dwelling, from the dazzling white terrazzo entrance to the black-tiled kitchen.

Listing Agent: Christy Mullins, 214-974-4849, Rudd

USD 899,000 Exposure Avenue 345, Deep Ellum

2 beds | 3 baths | 2974 sq ft

Start your startup and live in this multi-functional loft-style building just steps from the Exposition Plaza.

Listing Agent: Jamie Field, 512-771-5464, Clay Stapp + Co.

USD 475,000 1807 Doctor Master, Desoto

3 beds | 3 baths | 2547 sq. Ft.

Two covered patios overlook Thorntree Golf Club’s 15th fairway.

Listing Agent: Kyle Lyon, 214-350-0400, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Lost in the oak rock

One of our editors has spent the last year trying to buy a bungalow in a popular area. Here’s a breakdown of some of the homes he and his wife reviewed, showing how quickly the property sold and how much it has jumped in value since the pandemic began.

Natalie Goff

1007 S. Montclair Ave.

3 beds | 2 baths | 1576 sq ft

Quoted on the stock exchange on 07/12/19 at a price of $ 189,900; sold 30.07.19

Quoted on 10/28/2020 at $ 400,000; sold 11.12.

Natalie Goff

1402 Hollywood Avenue.

2 beds | 2 baths | 1414 sq ft

Quoted on 06/29/2020 at $ 239,900; sold 24.07.

Quoted on November 20, 20 at $ 379,900; sold 14.12.

Natalie Goff

442 Monssen Dr.

3 beds | 2 baths | 1795 sq. Ft.

Quoted on the stock exchange on 04.11.2020 at a price of $ 449,000; sold 11.03.

Natalie Goff

926 N. Clinton Ave.

3 beds | 2 baths | 1,728 sq ft

Quoted on the stock exchange on 05.12.20 at the price of USD 423,000; sold 12.01.21

Natalie Goff

S. Clinton Avenue, 300

3 beds | 2 baths | 1,654 sq ft

Quotation on the stock exchange on 2.06.19 at a price of USD 205,000; sold 21.06.19

Quoted on the exchange 1/6/21 at $ 475,000; sold 19.02.

Natalie Goff

1531 Kings Hwy.

2 beds | 2 baths | 1690 sq. Ft.

Quotation on the stock exchange on 05/17/18 at a price of 409,000 US dollars; removed ad

Quotation on the stock exchange 03/19/21 at a price of USD 575,000; the price fell to $ 559,000; pending sale

Natalie Goff

418 S. Willomet Ave.

3 beds | 2 baths | 1552 sq. Ft.

Quoted on 1/2/20 at $ 365,000; sold 09.03.

Announced on the stock exchange on March 25, 21 at a price of USD 490,000; the price dropped to $ 465,000; removed ad

Natalie Goff

314 S. Montclair Ave.

3 beds | 1 bathroom | 1,530 sq. Ft.

Quoted on the stock exchange 4/7/21 at a price of USD 525,000; removed ad

Natalie Goff

S. Windomere, 210

2 beds | 2 baths | 1,797 sq ft

Listing 4/16/21 at $ 400,000; pending sale

Natalie Goff

222 N. Montclair Ave.

2 beds | 2 baths | 1,799 sq ft

Listing 4/22/21 at $ 435,000; pending sale

Natalie Goff

534 Monssen Dr.

3 beds | 2 baths | 1800 square feet

Quoted on 06/29/18 at $ 387,900; the price dropped to $ 365,000; sold 28.09.18

Announced on the stock exchange on 04/29/21 at $ 499,900; pending sale

Payment of rent

If you’ve played your cards right, you might be able to afford an apartment in one of Dallas’s new luxury high-rise buildings, complete with all the amenities. Here’s an example of what’s on the market.

AMLI Fountain Place

1800 N. Field St.

Architect Henry Cobb, founding partner of the firm formerly known as IM Pei & Partners, designed the second twin tower when the original Fountain Place office building was completed over 30 years ago. With the help of architecture firm Page Southerland Page, the 45-story tenement tower finally reopened in its rightful place last year. 360 luxury apartments share a newly renovated water garden and retail space with an office tower. They have private access to the pool, fitness center, outdoor grill area and dog park.

1 bedroom: 645+ square feet | From USD 2250

2 bedrooms: 1059+ square feet | From 2875 dollars

3 bedrooms: 2052 square feet | From $ 5725

Hamilton in The Epic

Elm 2525 st.

The Hamilton pays homage to its Deep Ellum neighborhood with numerous art galleries displaying the work of local artists. Other creative options on offer in the 26-story 310-unit apartment building include a media tunnel, reading corners and a space production workshop. It offers residents a private bar, fitness center, grill stations and a swimming pool. You can also sign up for virtual classes: try your hand at baking cakes, dyeing T-shirt ties, or making candles.

Studio: 619+ square feet | From USD 1545

1 bedroom: 661+ square feet | From $ 1670

2 bedrooms: 1,182+ square feet | From USD 2900

3 bedrooms: 1732+ square feet | From USD 5250

National residences

1401 Elm st.

The recently refurbished 51-story former First National Bank Tower is anchored outside the Thompson Hotel, setting the tone for call and call options. Residents have access to maid and dry cleaning services, a pet concierge, indoor and outdoor dog parks, a private spa and fitness center, a resort-style pool deck with changing cabins and bar service, a hairdryer, a nail salon, grocery delivery. local market, priority reservations and room service from hotel restaurantseven in-suite catering from Chef Jeremy Robison.

1 bedroom: 660+ square feet | Starting at $ 2255

2 bedrooms: 1319+ square feet | Starting from $ 4245

Penthouse: Over 1,984 square feet | From USD 14,000

Dragon stone

1309 Main St.

Tim Headington invested $ 45 million in the renovation of the historic Davis building in Dallas, which was built in 1926 as the headquarters of the Republic National Bank. The renovations retained architectural detail, but added custom tile installations and elaborate decorations similar to those found at other Headington hotels, such as The Joule and Forty Five Ten, which are just one block away. Residents can take advantage of discounts at both venues, which means you can take a matcha latte break at Weekend Coffee before a massage at The Joule Spa.

Studio: 606+ square feet | Call to find out the price

1 bedroom: 750+ square feet | Call to find out the price

2 bedrooms: 1057+ square feet | Call to find out the price

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