A friend says Vitalina Yoga worked on a real estate license – Good afternoon, Sacramento



ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A beloved member of the Roseville community was gunned down on Monday by a man her friends call her ex.groom

The community mourns questions about the restraining order and why the suspect was able to get hold of the firearm.

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“I see her smiling everywhere,” said Sandra Daniels.

She said Vitalina Yoga, a victim of the shooting, was friends with everyone she served in and out of the restaurant.

“She asked me for help and she helped me more than I helped her,” she said.

Mentor Vitalina, Sandra Daniels, says she was working on getting a real estate license.

“She’s like, ‘This is what I want to do,” she said.

Yogi’s goal was to quit his job at the restaurant and spend more time with his family.

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“Everything was for my daughter. Vita is a family, – she said.

Jogi’s daughter now does not have a mother, who was allegedly killed on Monday by a man whom friends call his ex-fiancé, 48-year-old Johnny Jordan.

“In this particular case … this case highlights … the dangers associated with gun violence in domestic violence cases,” said Ali Kefhart of WEAVE, an organization that helps survivors domestic violence.

The suspect appeared in Placer County court on Monday on charges of a previous incident. Instead of going to the courtroom, he went to this cafeteria and allegedly killed Vitalina, who had imposed a restraining order on him a few days earlier.

We asked WEAVE if a suspect is allowed to have a firearm after being served.

“He would be required by law to give up any firearms or ammunition that he had. Obviously he didn’t, ”Kefarth said.

Jordan was taken into custody by the Roseville police and is being held in Placer County. Jail

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It is unclear what the suspect will face. The Placer County District Attorney says they will likely make this announcement in the coming days.


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