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Healthcare real estateUnlike most other commercial real estate sectors, medical real estate continued to perform excellently during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the sector has faced harsh restrictions, precautions and changed practices, the entire healthcare market is on track to recover.

Having proven their reliability during the pandemic, medical office buildings now serve as an integral part of the portfolios of many investors and asset classes. pricing is now in price

According to Markus and MillichapA growing population aged 65 and over, as well as an increase in electoral procedures and regular meetings, could increase the number of on-campus and off-campus buyers of assets under $ 10 million this year. In addition, despite the rise of telemedicine during the pandemic, Colliers reports this medical office remains a hot target for institutional investors, who accounted for about 35% of buyers earlier this year, up from 31% in 2020.

Skilled nursing assets are also recovering, in part due to an abundance of private sector investors seeking to seize opportunities in this area. Besides, healthcare network rental acquired a new interest in addition to emergency care.

Despite the steady recovery, medical real estate is still undergoing many changes, mainly in the guise of new technologies and processes that could potentially affect the respective real estate.

The JLL study says that telehealth reached 52% of patient visits at the beginning of the pandemic and now accounts for about 19% of patient visits. However, 78% of health systems CFOs surveyed said they would invest more in telehealth technology, even though 53% said they plan to cut spending on physical asset optimization.

After an excruciating year of nationwide health panic, stakeholders and consumers alike are rethinking how health care should be delivered. Health professionals who have dealt with the impact of the pandemic are now well positioned to cope with any changes that the future may bring.

In this spirit GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum strives to attract the attention of the people and companies that shape the medical real estate market and continue to improve its performance. The Health Influencers series will feature not only pioneers who have made an impact on their individual efforts, but also teams and entire organizations that have become critical to the industry.

Whether it’s their contributions to the industry, the huge strides they’ve made in closing deals and projects, or the innovation and best practices they’ve brought to business, these are the 2021 health real estate influencers.

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