58.5% of respondents prefer real estate as a way to invest in the future: survey



More than 41% of respondents showed a moderate forecast for real estate sector, while 19.4% of respondents offered promising prospects, according to a survey conducted by a real estate consulting firm. 360 Realtors

“We agree with the survey results and believe that the market outlook will be moderate or positive. Real estate at the beginning of the calendar year began to have a solid foundation, which has softened somewhat in the face of the current crisis. However, this time the industry is poised for a faster recovery based on the lessons of last year, ”the study says.

In the future, numerous subcategories will appear on the housing market, such as rentals, cohabitation, student housing, affordable homes, developments, second homes.

360 Realtors conducted a consumer sentiment survey of 1,200 discerning and prospective home buyers to assess the market’s perspective in the face of the economy opening after the 2.0 lockdown. The survey was conducted using an online questionnaire.

“The survey of 360 realtors was conducted to understand how market sentiment, economic climate and politics will affect buying behavior in Indian real estate, both in isolation and collectively, in the future. Indian real estate is currently at an important stage. After the setbacks caused by the second lockdown, demand rose again. This will undoubtedly set the stage for a faster recovery, ”said Ankit Kansal, founder and managing director of 360 Realtors.

When asked about the preferred option of real estate, 48.9% of respondents indicated apartments, followed by 25.6%, who preferred land development.

This is a noticeable shift in the market as more and more buyers choose to live in isolated and spacious locations. What’s more, since WFH’s opening hours will continue for some time and the teaching will be mostly online, families now need more space. This will lead to an increase in demand for developments and settlements in the suburbs.

About 42% of respondents suggested that they are likely to buy a house in another 12 months. About 23% of the surveyed respondents showed their indecision when making a purchase decision.

The survey also confirmed the importance of real estate as a prudent risk-averse investment. 58.5% of respondents chose real estate as a way the attachment in future. At a time when the fragility and fatigue of financial markets persists, tangible assets such as real estate will be ideal options for investors.

The surveyed 1,200 respondents were scattered across India. 23% are based in Delhi-NCR, while 19% are based in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Bangalore contributes 17% of the respondents. Other cities include Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow and Cochin.


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