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Real estate, like politics, is always local. When buyers and sellers browse the internet for the right agent to guide them on their next transaction, they are looking for a local real estate expert. Here are five strategies to help you establish yourself as an expert in the local real estate market.

1. Join the community. You may already be involved in your local community… If so, be sure to share your interests and affection on your website. You never know what might trigger a conversation or get a potential customer to pick up the phone and call you.

If you are not yet participating, do participate. Are you interested in local recreation and sports? Have you thought about becoming a volunteer Habitat of humanity or your local Humane society? You may have always wanted to join a church choir or become a local mentor. Boys and girls club

Getting involved in your community not only makes your name known; it also immerses you in what is happening in the city and allows you to share this experience and this knowledge with your clients.

2. Communication with local businesses. Your clients can reach out to you for recommendations on everything from artists to handymen, to places to eat, to the nearest golf course. When you reach out to local businesses and learn more about what they offer, you can better answer your customers’ questions. Consider adding a section to your site where you list local businesses. Or post a local business on your blog once a month.

3. Take a walk or lead your communities. One of the best ways to learn about areas in your local real estate market is to take a guided tour. Drive into the new development on the outskirts of the city and look around. Learn the names of the streets. Explore the fastest routes from each of your areas to the airport. Learn about the differences between local grocery stores, bakeries and cafes.

4. Create local content for your real estate blog. Your website is a great place to start building your position as an expert on the local real estate market. If your website or blog has content that helps potential customers learn more about the community, you will bring visitors back to your site and establish yourself as a market leader.

Content creation shouldn’t take long. Have you been to a local event recently? Update your blog with photos of the event and a few short suggestions on why events like these make your community a great place to live. Share local news on social media.

5. Be aware of the latest trends in the local real estate market. Curating current market trends can be a great way to stand out from others and show that you are an expert in the local real estate market. Your MLS is a great place to check out trends and statistics. You can also report market conditions from other sources, such as your local newspaper or your broker’s monthly report. When you share this information – through your blog or maybe a newsletter – you are making yourself a resource for your clients and potential clients.

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