5 signs Biden won’t cancel a student loan



There are at least 5 signs that President Joe Biden will not take large-scale student loan cancellation.

Here’s what you need to know:and what does this mean for your student loans

Student loans

The push for student loan abolition was largely a one-way street. That is, progressive Democrats in Congress pressured Biden to cancel student loans up to $ 50,000 per borrower… There has been relatively little lobbying in Congress to persuade other members to support student loan revocation. Why? The reason is that many members of Congress do not support the abolition of the student loan.and they would not have voted to abolish the student loan if Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York, had moved the vote to the Senate Hall. Thus, the president remains the only potential hope for massive student loan forgiveness. However, here are 5 signs that Biden is likely not to cancel student loans:

1. Cancellation of student loan would already have happened

If Biden was planning to cancel student loans, then a large-scale student loan cancellation would already have happened… Biden has been involved in politics for over 40 years as a US Senator and Vice President. As a US Senator, he opposed the cancellation of the student loan in bankruptcy. As a presidential candidate, he changed positions. Biden is now supporting the disbursement of student loans in the event of bankruptcy, and is also demanding the cancellation of student loans in the amount of $ 10,000. However, as Biden has noted on numerous occasions, he believes Congress has the power to enact widespread student loan cancellation legislation and amend the US Bankruptcy Code. Bye Biden had an open mind about canceling student loans, this is an uphill battle, subject to legal restrictions. Biden said he does not believe he has the unilateral authority to revoke a student loan by decree without further congressional approval. The Trump administration has come to the same conclusion. Biden also did not include student loan cancellation in the latest incentive package, infrastructure package, or tax plan… While Biden may have changed his mind and canceled student loans by his own order, the rhetoric about canceling student loans came from progressive supporters of Congress, not from the Biden administration.


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