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Hiring new agents on your real estate team – whether newly licensed or well seasoned – is one of the best ways to drive team growth. However, the final determination of whether these agents will thrive will depend on many factors, including their personality, meeting expectations, and their efforts.

You can increase your success with new team members by taking a careful and focused approach to onboarding team members. Taking the following four-step approach will keep your team cohesive and productive as new agents are added:

Step 1. Use a trial period. Before making full announcements about the addition of a new team member, use a trial period so you can experience multiple real transactions working together. For newly licensed agents, this could mean sending them a few leads. However, take the opportunity to see them in action and make sure they fit before fully embracing them as part of your existing team.

Step 2: state the terms in writing. Regardless of how friendly or agreeable you and your new team are, take the time to agree in writing on all the important terms of your new relationship. You must have a signed agreement that at least states how much they will earn from each transaction and any fees they are responsible for. In addition, for everyone’s protection, you must have an agreement on how disputes within your team will be resolved and what any splitting might look like in the future with respect to current rosters, information on unpaid fees, etc.

Step 3. Set clear expectations. Another level of agreement – preferably also in writing – must exist for any expectations regarding procedures, sales, marketing and professional conduct in general. Teams work best when everyone knows and respects established practices and procedures, and when they strive to meet customer expectations and searches.

Step 4. Hold agents accountable.
Once you have determined that the new agent is indeed the right fit and that you are mutually transparent about roles and responsibilities, it is important to make sure that their performance meets expectations. Talk to new agents often – preferably daily – to make sure that the right habits are formed within your team and that their commercial activities do not change, which leads to rapid success. When something inevitably doesn’t go as planned, it’s best to catch it early with accountability so that you can fulfill your role in helping the agent get the most out of their property sales.

As the saying goes, mark your beginning. You will be much more successful in adding agents to your team if you do your best ahead of time to make sure they are the right fit, that your relationship is transparent, and that their efforts meet your expectations. Using the four-step system described above to adapt a new team member will help you achieve this, and as a result, you will enjoy both greater team cohesion and team performance.

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Sherri Johnson is the CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 25 years of real estate experience, Sherri now shares her proven techniques through coaching, consulting and keynote addresses nationwide. She is the national speaker for the Homes.com Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour and is the Official Real Estate Trainer for McKissock Learning and Real Estate Express. Sherri has been named by RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker in 2020 and 2021 as an Industry Leader and Influencer. Sign up for a free 30-minute coaching strategy session or visit www.sherrijohnson.com for more information.


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