4 reasons to postpone home ownership right now



There are many good reasons for buying a home. First of all, there is something to be said about owning your home, not about the monthly rent, so that the landlord can pay his mortgage and achieve financial stability.

Plus, owning a home gives you more freedom. You do not need to follow the landlord’s rules and you can make changes to your home as you see fit (although in some cases you will be requires a permit from your city for certain repairs).

But for now, you may want become a homeowner, here are some reasons to take your time and continue the lease for a while.

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1. You do not have enough funds to make a 20% down payment.

You do not need to pay a 20% down payment to get mortgage approval. But if you don’t save that much when closing on a regular loan, you will have to private mortgage insurance, or PMI.

PMI is insurance that protects your mortgage lender in case you delay your home loan payments, and this can be up to 1% of the loan amount. This means that if you take out a $ 300,000 mortgage, you can pay another $ 3,000 per year, or $ 250 per month in PMI. And these are costs you might want to avoid.

2. You are unsure about your job.

Having a full-time job is an important step towards becoming a homeowner. If you’re not sure if your home fits this bill, or if you think you can quit your job in the near future, then deferring your home ownership is a smart move.

If you buy a home and lose your job shortly thereafter, you may delay your mortgage payments. It can damage your credit rating and risk losing your home if you miss too many payments.

What’s more, if you’re unhappy at work, buying a home can put you in a situation where you have to stay where you have to cover your mortgage payments. Better to wait until you have a long-term stable job to start looking around houses and making suggestions.

3. You cannot find homes that work with your budget.

In today’s housing market, housing prices are grossly overpriced. Result? You could pay much more for the house now than you normally would. It also means that areas that were once accessible may now be inaccessible.

If you find it difficult to find a home that fits your budget, then waiting for a purchase is a responsible act. If you force yourself to spend more on a home than is comfortable for you, you may delay your mortgage payments. And even if it doesn’t, you may find yourself in a world of financial stress just to keep up with these payments.

4. You will not find a home that suits your needs.

Since housing inventory is so limited these days, buyers cannot afford to be too picky. However, you may have some basic home requirements, such as a certain number of bedrooms or a decent backyard for your kids to play in.

If you cannot find a property that suits your basic needs within your price range, then it’s better to wait for a purchase than settle for a living space that doesn’t suit you. This is especially true if you are comfortable enough in the rental and can stay there a little longer until the listing of accommodations opens.

You might want to buy a home sooner rather than later. But in some cases it is better to wait. Be honest with yourself about whether to refrain from buying a home so you don’t make a decision you later regret.


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