3 things I would like to do differently when looking for a home



Although my husband and I have lived in our current home for over ten years, I still remember the agonizing process of finding a home to buy. We easily scanned dozens of properties before ultimately making a purchase offer. New construction the house we live in today. And although we did some things right, for example, we figured out how much mortgage we could afford it in advance so as not to waste time looking for objects outside our price range. Here are a few things I would like to do differently.

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1. We looked at other areas.

In the process of finding a home, my husband and I narrowed our choices to a few specific areas, but refused to look outside of them. Our decision was based on factors such as proximity to my husband’s work and certain amenities we wanted in the area, such as the city center and parks.

In hindsight, I would like us to consider more neighborhood options. Sure, some of them would have left my husband a longer commute to work, but now that I know what some of the nearby towns look like, I think we would have a lot more buying options if we expanded our search options. And we would probably find a city with less property taxsince ours are noticeably high for this area.

2. Was open to a different type of street.

When I was looking for a house, I just needed to have a quiet street – either a dead end or a dead end. Living in New York, I am no stranger to noise, and when buying a vacation home I wanted to make sure I had the exact opposite experience.

But limiting ourselves to small streets meant reducing the number of houses we could look at. Now I understand that the street does not have to be a dead end or a dead end so that people rarely get there.

My husband and I lived in starting house he bought before buying our current home. Since we have been upgrading from now on, I wanted to make sure that we increased the square footage by a certain percentage.

Specifically, we had a 1,700 square foot starter home and I insisted on adding at least 1,000 square feet to our living space. In retrospect, it was silly. While we were able to meet this requirement, it also disabled some ads that might have worked for us.

To be clear, in the end, my home search was ultimately successful. My husband and I have been living in a comfortable, fairly spacious house for over ten years, and although we had to deal with a fair amount of renovations, this is also not a surprise. But if you are looking to buy a home, it pays to be a little more open than me, especially in today’s real estate market where inventory is so limited… Relaxing your expectations can open the door to more buying opportunities and bring you one step closer to home ownership.


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