3 Post-Pandemic Real Estate Trends That Will Continue



The real estate industry is one of the main industries hit by the pandemic. To make buying and selling a home more affordable, while adhering to CDC guidelines, realtors have been looking for new and effective methods of virtual displaying real estate.

However, even after the pandemic, these trends are so comfortable for modern shoppers that they could stay here for a long time. Here are some of the top post-pandemic real estate trends that realtors can expect more often.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

When the COVID-19 epidemic began and the quarantines began, it became nearly impossible to provide safe home tours. However, the housing market was still hot and buyers were still competing with others for the homes that entered the market. To provide buyers and sellers with the ability to travel safely from home, virtual tours have become a popular option. So popular that virtual tours can be here for a long time.

There are about 1.8 billion websites operating concurrently around the world and realtors can use websites like Trulia and Zillow to provide potential buyers with virtual tour options. This will not only come in handy for home buyers who want to buy a home without physically inspecting it, but it will also come in handy in the aftermath of the pandemic for home buyers who might want to see the home. before coming to see it in person. These tours can help reduce personal travel both during and after a pandemic, making personal tours more efficient. This is useful because even the fastest house closure can take up to 65 days

Video walkthrough

Walkthrough videos are similar to virtual tours, but while virtual tours are conducted by a home seller and can provide a better view of the property, walkthrough videos allow potential buyers to see the space as if they were actually walking through it. During the pandemic, this made it safer for potential buyers to inspect the home, and now, after the pandemic, buyers who cannot attend every home tour can still view properties as if they were there.

Drone shots and videos

Virtual tours and video walkthroughs show potential buyers only the interior and exterior of the house. The drone shots and videos that became popular during the pandemic are now a staple in real estate because they show potential buyers the entire home, including the roof. Drone shots also convey landscaping and curb appeal, which can add up to fourteen%… For sellers, drone imagery and videos provide the best aerial photography of their property. Moreover, according to Forbes, up to 83% of real estate sellers trust real estate agents who use drones to promote their ads, compared to those who don’t.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the real estate industry. However, advances in technology used to improve the safety of buying and selling homes are likely to remain here. With virtual tours, step-by-step videos, drone shots and videos that will make buying and selling a home more affordable and efficient, the current heat in the housing market could grow even stronger.


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