25 DFW PrimeLending Loan Officers Named Best Mortgage Specialists by D Magazine



DALLAS–(PrimeLending, Dallas-based PlainsCapital (NMLS: 13649), announces today that the following 25 loan officers have been named Best Mortgage Specialists for 2021 by D Magazine:

  • Trey Belmore (NMLS: 1029973)

  • Diane Clarke (NMLS: 76844)

  • Nick Conley (NMLS: 1084447)

  • Angela Deaton (NMLS: 76783)

  • David Debowski (NMLS: 176694)

  • Rob Dessommes (NMLS: 176534)

  • Glen de Wolfe (NMLS: 184544)

  • Rob Ellis (NMLS: 185005)

  • Terry Fann (NMLS: 179597)

  • Alexis Farrar (NMLS: 283785)

  • Alan Felch (NMLS: 184136)

  • Eric Hargrave (NMLS: 319651)

  • Julie Howell (NMLS: 176775)

  • Bill Hoyt (NMLS: 176818)

  • Christina Luna (NMLS: 222469)

  • Sharon McCormick (NMLS: 176542)

  • Patrick Pittman (NMLS: 179696)

  • Gloria Price (NMLS: 179699)

  • Michael Protono (NMLS: 409996)

  • Mark Ruskin (NMLS: 176513)

  • Alex Varela (NMLS: 184823)

  • Brandon Walters (NMLS: 1199320)

  • Ron Watterson (NMLS: 184334)

  • Sheri Wise (NMLS: 176841)

  • Jesse Young (NMLS: 184588)

Each year, the editorial research arm of D magazine surveys more than 15,000 recent homebuyers and members of the real estate, mortgage and insurance communities to identify outstanding agents and professionals worthy of public recognition. Winners are selected for high quality customer service, honesty, market knowledge and overall satisfaction. The prestigious PrimeLending list had more than 25 people than any other company.

“I am very proud of this wonderful group of mortgage lending professionals — our largest ever,” said Don Robinson, Senior Vice President, PrimeLending, Southwest Regional Manager. serving our customers, setting a new high standard for quality. ”

About PrimeLending

PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital company, is a national housing lender combining personal advice and local expertise with fast service, plenty of choice and flexibility to meet the unique needs of homeowners. We are tirelessly committed to empowering our clients to boldly pursue their home ownership goals, whether they are looking to buy, refinance or renovate a home. The PrimeLending team works with our clients in all 50 states to help them make smart home financing decisions and gain rewarding experiences. With that promise for over 35 years, we pride ourselves on achieving a consistent 96% customer satisfaction rating.one… PrimeLending is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plains Capital Bank, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hilltop Holdings Inc. (NYSE: HTH). More info at PrimeLending.com… Equal housing lender.

oneThe study was conducted by an independent third party after loan closure. The 96% satisfaction rating refers to the average rating our clients gave to our loan officers during the 01/01 / 20-12 / 31/20 period.

All loans are subject to loan approval. Fares and fees are subject to change.

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