2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic Leaderboard, Rankings: Cam Davis Wins, Beats Troy Merritt In Playoff 5 Hole


A week after one of the longest PGA Tour playoffs in Travelers Championship history, the Rocket Mortgage Classic has tried to catch up as this week’s playoffs between Joaquin Niemann, Cam Davis and Troy Merritt on Sunday at Detroit Golf Club went five holes deeper.

Unfortunately, Niemann ejected early after making the bogeyman on hole one, par 4 18, as Davis and Merritt parted. The worst thing for Niemann is that he didn’t make the scarecrow. first 72 holes of the tournamentt before hitting him over the trailing edge at 18 and was unable to get up and down on an equal footing in the playoffs. It was an unfair ending for someone who played so well all week.

It looks like Davis was lucky enough to even be in playoffs when he made heads on the 71st hole by the rules when he got out of the bunker on the lawn. He ended up with 3 more to shoot 31 in the back (with a scarecrow!) And sneaked into additional holes with Merritt and Niemann.

After Niemann left, Davis and Merritt went to the 15th par-3 hole. They both did the Parsis and then did it again on the next one, and everyone started to wonder if this was really just a cut of the Travelers playoffs in a new city with a different course. After the birdies in 14th place, I was sure that this weekend we will go eight more holes. However, returning to 15th in par-3, Davis, who had objectively played cleaner golf in the extra session, finally won the tournament.

Davis missed a bird strike, one of the few in the last hour that would have brought him a win, but Merritt was unable to get up and down some tight road near the green. Davis’ incredulous look at his first Tour win was the same as we had in the playoff final.

“It was pretty hectic after hole 17,” he told CBS Sports’s Amanda Balionis. “I tried to get everything I could out of my head and struck every blow, no matter what it cost. Simply put, it’s so hard to do when there is such pressure on me. “

Davis has been a good pro for a while, but his success on the PGA Tour has mostly happened since early 2020. All four of his top 10 finishes after the Sony Open last season, a very bizarre second week. year. His world ranking of 134 is probably at odds with his skills. Davis is a very modern player – incredible offside and strong play. The fact that his short game ended up bringing him victory in this tournament should be both an encouragement to him and an omen of what might happen if he raises the floor in these areas.

What set me apart the most during the day with Davis was his confidence in every shot. Pick up T-shirts before shots hit their top, flushing irons in tricky situations all over the yard. It looks like like a star. Whether the 26-year-old Australian will end up as such remains to be seen, but within one day in a city thousands of miles from his home country, Davis did what it took to become the best player on the best tour for this year. only week. Grade: A +

Here are our rest of the ratings for the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Troy Merritt (2nd): Look, he played cool all week, but I’m here for this incredible quote from a person I didn’t expect to say. The quote came on Saturday night as Merritt made his way to the final pairing with Niemann. He performed above average after a year during which he did indeed struggle with his flat club at times.

“I just attribute it to basketball, you know, like a shooter, when you’re in recessions, shooters shoot,” Merritt said. “The sticks have to hit, just keep hitting. You should do them on the golf course, not necessarily on the golf lawn. You just need to maintain that confidence, knowing that they are going to play at some point, and luckily we got into that corner and they came in more often than not. ”

Troy Merritt Drops Arrows Shoot! Excellent rating

Bubba Watson (T6): After a brutal finish in the Travelers Championship last weekend at the TPC River Highlands, Watson on Sunday in Detroit was brilliant on the ninth defensive field. His 32 are 9 swings out of the last nine last week, and at the end he started it off with a birdie curler. Respect for whoever said this time last week that he just needs the opportunity to rip himself out again. He got it and he did the exact opposite. Excellent rating

Bryson DeShambeau (MC): The big guy skipped Friday and did not speak to the media after the first or second round, ostensibly because he did not want to discuss his current status with the now ex-caddy Tim Tucker. This, of course, sparked a new round of the long-standing question of whether athletes should speak to the press. I’m not really interested in the answer to this question, but I think it says about yourself that you read the sponsors list when things are going well and you won’t chat when they are not. It was Deschambeau’s second missed version of the season. Grade: F

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