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Second Century Ventures (SCV), a strategic investment arm of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), recently introduced the REACH expansion class to 2021. REACH has identified eight transformative real estate technology companies pushing the boundaries of innovation with groundbreaking tools and best-in-class solutions.

Since 2013, the REACH program has stimulated the growth of new technologies by supporting their launch in the vertical real estate market and related markets. REACH identifies startups with the greatest potential to help REALTORS® accelerate their businesses, and gives these entrepreneurs the tools to grow exponentially by building their platforms, products and services that will benefit over 1.4 million US and international members.

“Second Century Ventures’ investment in the REACH 2021 class demonstrates NAR’s continued long-term commitment to investing in technology and real estate innovation,” says SCV President and NAR CEO Bob Goldberg. “This year, the pandemic has given new urgency to the development of technology solutions and further highlighted the important contribution of SCV, the most active venture capital fund in global real estate technology.”

While the pandemic has spurred the need for innovative tools to adapt to changing constraints, REACH focuses on technologies that have a long-term impact in our increasingly technology-dependent industry. Programs such as REACH enable NAR to prepare in advance for ever-changing market conditions and respond quickly, as it did in 2020.

According to Goldberg, “These exceptional startups were chosen not only for their ability to tackle the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, but also for how they are revolutionizing the home buying and selling process. Together, these innovators and thought leaders will benefit REALTORS® and drive positive change in the industry for decades to come. ”

Meet REACH Class 2021
Representing different stages of growth, these eight proptech companies offer a range of innovative solutions in the areas of real estate finance, home maintenance and renovation, marketing, nursing care and more.

Some of the startups are looking to help more people move into their new home faster. Knock is a fast-growing fintech company whose flagship product allows consumers to easily buy their dream home before listing their current home, while Landis helps agents offer tenants an innovative and fast track to home ownership. Plunk is the first mobile app to use artificial intelligence to predict the value of a home and identify the specific renovation projects that will generate the most profit.

Others offer value-added solutions to help REALTORS® navigate their work more effectively. Arie The content management platform allows creators and real estate professionals to collaborate seamlessly, saving time and improving quality. Milestones is a comprehensive digital customer experience platform that helps real estate professionals interact with consumers through personalized landing pages and centralized hubs to manage all aspects of the home buying and selling process.

Two companies specialize in unique solutions for property owners. Pen takes a new generation approach to furniture and home decor rental and super offers technology-based home care and repair services on a subscription basis. K4Connect, a mission-driven startup focuses on empowering seniors and people with disabilities with technology solutions for residents, staff and operators of seniors’ communities.

Expanding the coverage area
In addition to the Residential Real Estate Technology Expansion Program, REACH offers a program targeting the US commercial sector as well as international programs through REACH Canada, REACH Australia and REACH United Kingdom to develop technology and promote the real estate system globally. scale.

Get involved!
Join the REACH Insight group and be one of the first to test the innovative products and services offered by REACH companies. Or, if you are interested in helping shape and improve these technologies, your brokerage company can participate in an exclusive pilot project. Register or learn more at narreach.com

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