20 productivity rules for new real estate agents



New to the industry? Start with everything you need to know about the early decisions that will shape your career, including choosing a broker, researching your market, building an online presence, budgeting, getting leads, marketing listings, and more. If you are a team leader or broker owner, New Agent Month will be packed with resources to help your new hires navigate.

As a new agent, you have a lot to learn and do on any given day. There are many aspects of this business to learn and master. The growth of your business will depend on your level of productivity, organizational skills and Time management

Below are 20 tried and tested productivity strategies to help you start your career on a solid foundation so that as your business grows, you can continue to grow and scale as needed.

Daily time management

1. Plan your day

Take time each morning to think about your plan for the day. This could be when you are showering, driving, or waiting for coffee to brew. Think about what you have to do, what you have to do and what you want to do, and make a plan.

2. Eat the frog first.

This advice from Mark Twain is about priorities. If there is something you fear ahead of you, take your time and get it out of the way early in the day. Solving this dreaded task will make the rest of your day smoother in the first place and will allow you to start your day feeling accomplished.

3. Know yourself

You will get a lot of advice from friends, family, and coworkers, but you know what works best for you. Plan your day during peak hours productivity… Take breaks or reward yourself as needed. Optimize your personal productivity for greater professional success.

4. Avoid distractions.

It’s nice to post in front of the TV while you’re sorting through paperwork, but you’ll likely find that sitting at a table or stopping at Starbucks allows you to be more focused and more. productive… When you really focus and get your tasks done faster, you save yourself more time to run smoothly.

5. Just say no

When you’re just starting out, it’s tempting to say yes to every lesson, encounter, and opportunity that comes your way, and positive experiences are definitely a plus. However, you must be willing to give up what sucks and energy drains and does not add value to your personal or professional life.

6. Explore your technology

Everything from phone to tablet and computer to Programs as well as platform you will find that there are tons of untapped resources just waiting to be used to increase your productivity. Learn how to optimize your technology to save time and energy every day.

7. Mobile master

Likewise, many of the platforms you use in the office have mobile versions that are incredibly reliable and well designed. Master the mobile versions of your CRM and transaction management platforms so you can handle office work on the road and avoid nighttime sessions.

8. Record information at the moment

If you find yourself buried under a pile of business cards and sketches of notes, you may need to learn to better understand the information at the moment. Take this extra time to enter information into your phone contacts, including, if necessary, notes about your conversations so you can follow them more accurately and in a timely manner.

9. Time block

Instead of letting everything happen at once time block for greater efficiency. Set aside time slots for leading generation, content creation, market analysis and other professional activities, and make time for the personal and family activities you want to support on a daily basis.

10. Set the alarm.

Review your calendar every morning and set an alarm for 5-10 minutes before each important item on the list. This keeps you on track, sticks to your schedule, and automates a few minutes of transition between tasks.

Long term time management

11. Play well with others.

Remember RuPaul’s wise words: “There is enough pie for everyone.” Stop thinking of everyone around you as competitors and learn to collaborate when it makes sense. The more you can communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, the more you will find that they are willing to lend a hand when you need it.

12. Avoid drama.

Likewise, avoid office politics and gossip as much as possible. Drama is a waste of time and energy for which you have no time. If you find yourself trapped in this type of pettiness, ask yourself what you could do to be more productive instead of focusing on everyone else.

13. Find a coach or mentor.

Great trainer or mentor can help you avoid mistakes and apply best practices that will be useful to you throughout your career. Even a well-established book for new real estate agents or a YouTube channel hosted by an experienced lead producer can provide practical advice to keep you from reinventing the wheel when you start your career.

14. Fire the worst customer.

You may find that one client takes up an inordinate amount of your time and energy, preventing you from completing daily tasks and even limiting your personal and family time. If you are completely absorbed in one problem clientmaybe it’s time free them (and yourself)

15. Cultivate Mindfulness

Just a few minutes of daily silence meditation or another mindfulness practice can have tremendous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Make it a habit to spend some time in the morning, noon, or late evening in quiet contemplation and find out how much this affects your energy and efficiency.

16. Stay Healthy

Resist the temptation to deal with stress with alcohol or junk food, or skip regular daily exercise because you never have enough time. The more you take care of your body, the more it will take care of you. Healthy habits can affect how you feel and how productive you are every day.

17. Visualize the perfect day.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to spend some time visualizing the perfect day in your real estate career. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you meet? When you start defining these elements, you also design way of thinking This will help you clarify what you need to do and the people you need to meet in order to grow in your profession. Soon, you will find yourself in the middle of the perfect day of your dreams.

18. Set personal goals

To stay on track, you need to focus on your personal goals… Whether it’s related to financial goals, relationship goals, or family goals, focusing on moving forward will help you avoid wasting time and help you stay on course when the struggle becomes real.

19. Keep good records.

Being a real estate agent is like running your own small business. You will need to track:

  • Deals and milestones
  • Expenses and income
  • Contacts and leads
  • Training Requirements and Additional Symbols
  • Investments and insurance
  • As well as a lot more

Keep up with your bookkeeping, accounting, record keeping… Incorporate this into your timeline and make sure you are consistent so you don’t try to recreate timelines and details after the fact.

20. Constantly improve your daily routine.

Spend some time every month, quarter, or year to take a look at your routineand find out how you can be more effective.

Take the course to improve the use of your transaction management system. Watch the webinar to get better at marketing. Accounting outsourcing or find virtual assistant to help you stay on top of your administrative tasks.

Never stop there – strive to constantly improve. As the saying goes: “Always grateful, never satisfied.”

Christy Murdoch – Realtor, Freelance Writer, Trainer and Consultant, and Owner Real estate writing… She is also the creator of the online course. Creating a Property Description: A Step-by-Step Formula for Reluctant Real Estate Writers… Follow the property record on Twitter, Instagram as well as Youtube


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