“20 homes and 10 offers later, resulting in $ 17,900 more for the home.”



SAN ANTONIO – The Housing market peaked over the past year with strong demand and incredibly low interest rates driving home prices up, buying wars and some pretty crazy stories from those who bought or sold a home last year.

Realtors also found it difficult to help weather the housing boom and connect buyers and sellers to find their ideal location.

A few weeks ago, we asked realtors, buyers and sellers to share their most daring real estate experiences in the real estate market over the past year.

One person who responded to the invitation said: “We sold our house in 1 day, the buyers cooled off, just like us, because we were told to offer 1000 apartments on top of what they asked for, so we made a refi. [refinance] instead of.”

In this market, potential buyers are forced to act quickly. As of June 2021, houses remain on the market for an average of 26 days. This has plummeted from 60 days in June 2020, according to the latest figures released by the San Antonio Council of Realtors.


And prices jumped up a lot. The median home price rose 19% from June 2020 to June 2021, with the median home price being around $ 345,000. Many buyers offer cash above the asking price of the home to get around other buyers.

One such buyer told KSAT, “20 homes and 10 offers later, which resulted in us paying $ 17,900 more for the home, for which we ended up ‘winning’ an offer that was not visible. Luckily we love it! “

Housing prices have risen due to lack of inventory and, according to Freddie Mac, 30-year fixed mortgage rates are at historically low levels.

According to the post Monthly in Texas, real estate agents described “a buying frenzy that challenged models, unleashed record-breaking monetary bidding wars, and overwhelmed middle-class homebuyers who were unable to compete.”


Here’s a weird case: One customer told KSAT that “the seller of our house refused to give us the mailbox key or security code for the alarm. She wanted to continue to receive mail to our address. “

Have you recently bought, sold or rented a home? KSAT wants to hear what you think.

Are you a realtor or real estate agent with a crazy story from the latest housing boom? We may post your thoughts on our website or include them in our news releases.

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