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Until good old fashioned customer service certainly goes a long way in impressing your real estate clients, the best agents in the business employ several strategies to “surprise” clients that set them apart from the rest of the competition.

If you start your relationship with clients with effective communication, trust and confidence building, you can take them to the next level with these simple tips. They will help you attract real estate clients to act as advocates for your brand:

1. Link them to businesses you trust. “I’ve come to believe that communication is one of the most important business and life skill sets you’ll ever learn,” says author and networking master Keith Ferrazi in her bestseller Never Eat Alone. “Why? Because people do business with people they know and love. Careers – in every imaginable area – work the same way.” You know the community and the people in it, and you’ve probably created a database of local service providers, handymen, contractors, and more. Connect them to the best professional contacts you have.

2. Help them online.
Particularly for newcomers to the area, you can be a lifeline and help them establish themselves in society. Use your knowledge to become an expert. Tell your real estate clients about social groups, gyms, country clubs, Facebook groups they should be a part of, and more. Better yet, introduce them to people you know in the community.

3. Send dinner on the day of the move.
The last thing people want to think about is lunch as they try to make their new home livable. Deliver pizza, Chinese food, or other food. To ensure you send them what they like, casually ask them what their favorite food is without revealing your plans. This type of service leads to an increase in the number of customer requests.

4. Welcome home.
Leave a welcome basket with a bottle of champagne and a gift card at a local restaurant with the caption, “When you’re done unpacking, it’s time to celebrate!”

5. Offer them a tour of the community.
If this is their first time in the area, spend half a day carrying them with you, be sure to show them all the hotspots and attractions.

6. Give them a bag with the “best of …”
Include gift cards, brochures and coupons for the best restaurants, lounges, attractions, and more in the area.

7. Remember significant events.
Send a birthday or anniversary card, a gift for a newborn, school supplies for kids entering a new school, or find another way to celebrate a big day for clients.

8. Hire a cleaning or moving team.
Let’s talk about taking the load off clients! Send someone to clean the house from top to bottom, or offer them extra hands to move all of their belongings.

9. Invite a professional organizer.
In a home full of boxes, the organizer can help strategically unpack everything so that the home is as tidy as possible when customers first move in.

10. Offer them a basket of essentials.
Load your laundry basket with toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, sponges, hand soap, toiletries, paper plates, plastic cups, and other items customers will need in the early days of moving.

The key to choosing the perfect option? Getting to know your real estate clients. Ask questions and listen to what they have to say. A personalized gift from the bottom of your heart can be the perfect way establish a long-term relationship– and it can lead to business now and in the future.

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